Monday, October 16, 2017

Dept. of Justice investigating Harvard

Our Side MayBe Heard!

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Department of Justice Investigating Harvard for 
   alleged discrimination against AsAm students

    Many news sources, including Harvard's student paper The Crimson, have reported that the Department of Justice has, by inference, admitted that it is "actively investigating Harvard" for alleged discrimination against AsAms.   

    The complaint, which the DOJ under Obama didn't want to investigate, was first filed by a group of "64 AsAm Associations" in 2015.  When the DOJ under Trump gave hints that it might investigate, 5 Democratic elected officials wrote to the DOJ to discourage the investigation.  Immediately after, 80-20 EF wrote to

    (1) Attorney General Sessions and DoED Secretary Betsy DeVos to encourage the investigation, and

     (2) the 5 Democratic officials and the Democratic National Committee to register our disappointment with their action.
     Our strategy to mount a "3-pronged Attack on Admissions Inequity" is seemingly working.   For details about the 3-prongs, click on  For a review of the "UGLY facts on discri-mination against AsAm youth", click on

           A Phone Conversation with Senator Tom Carper (D, DE)
                         & a former DOJ official under Obama

    S. B. Woo e-mailed "UGLY facts on ..." to his friends.  US Senator Tom Carper (D, DE), 2 generals, 1 admiral and many other VIPs wrote back expressing interest.  Sen. Carper asked his staff and me to help him "drill down on this information".  

   As a result, Sen. Tom Carper, his aide, and a former DOJ official under Obama, who had direct involvement in the decision not to investigate the compliant by the "64 AsAm Associations", and I had a 40 minute phone conversation a few days ago.  Since this former DOJ official was on the opposing side, I am delighted to report that all the facts cited in the "UGLY facts on ...were not disputed.   Sen. Carper expressed continued interest in "UGLY facts on .."  There will be further conversations.

   Note that the EF and the "64 AsAm assocs" both seek to end discrimination against AsAms.  However, the "64 assocs." seek "race neutral admissions."   80-20 EF embraces diversity and focuses on ending the discrimination against AsAm youth.  

      Induce Harvard to begin an internal re-examination 
                  of its discriminatary admissions policy           

    Please forward this e-newsletter to anyone who is associated with Harvard.   Do your part to stimulate an internal debate within the Harvard community on its discriminatory admissions policy against Asian Ams.  


S. B. Woo  

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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