Saturday, December 26, 2015

Call To Action -- for AsAm Professors & Scientists

Be Extremely Alarmed!

CALL TO ACTION - Chinese Am Professors & Scientists

   Let's EMULATE the 480 exemplary members of "The Association of Chinese American Professors and Scientists (ACAPS)," Univ. of Maryland.

Critical battles must be won mainly by our own
efforts.  No battle is more critical than opposing profiling against us by race and national origin for national security reasons.  The next step will be internment.  

If we allow this type of profiling, then higher barriers against our college applicants and glass ceilings against our adults become logical components of the same race policy.  

   Every Chinese-Am who wants to avoid this fate needs to send a letter to Attorney General Lynch to request an independent investigation of the wrongful prosecution of Dr. Sherry Chen, Xianoxing Xi and others. Be sure to copy in Pres. Obama, and your own state's entire congressional delegation. Click here to find their mailing addresses.

   Let's fight this battle cohesively.  Organize to send letters BY GROUPS.

   Don't labor on the contents of the letter.  There are plenty of eloquent letters and articles already.  See below.  Just cut, paste and put together a letter that suits your group.

   The more important part is the number of signers.  Spend your time organizing, the larger the number of people who will sign your letter, the more effective our COMBINED voices will be.  When the number is large enough, DOJ will listen.  Frankly, DOJ is not likely to read your letter, but it will count the number of persons who have signed such letters.  

   If you are sending a letter from an established group (e.g., ACAPS of MD) all you need to do is state the number of members in your group.  If you are forming an ad hoc group, then you need to list their names, perhaps even include their respective titles but please clarify that titles are used for identification purpose only.  

   Don't be timid.  Use the holiday parties that you'll be attending to organize!  We can't afford to lose this critical battle.

   As soon as YOU decide to organize and send a letter in your locality or state, let me know.  80-20 may be able to help you form a core group in your area, using its membership and donor lists.   

DOJ Will Respond or
Face Stronger Actions from Us

   If DOJ doesn't respond, 80-20 will take stronger actions.  Examples include the following: demonstrate in front of DOJ in which I'll personally participate. Write Pres. Obama and DNC stating our disappointment with DOJ and that we will count it against the Democrats in the 2016 election.  We may also call for scientists to boycott national security related projects or working in the national labs.  The senators and congresspersons who have written DOJ are already pressing for answers from DOJ.

    Go organize YOUR own group NOW!  

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

1) Find the address of A.G. Lynch by clicking here,
2) Send it to A.G. Lynch via priority mail and return receipt requested, and
3) Find the addresses of your state's congressional delegates here.

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