Monday, December 14, 2015

3 EASY ways to win equal opportunity

3 easy ways for AsAms to win equal opportunity

(1) Understanding what is "political" in the U.S.

   In the U.S., taking part in partisan elections is political.  Non-profit organizations are not permitted to engage in it. Otherwise, their non-profit status will be taken away.  Lobbying in the legislative process may, at times, be considered political.

   In contrast, taking a position on an issue which involves government or government officials is NOT AT ALL political.  It is just conversations between citizens and the US government.  Even when we have criticized the government or officials wrongly, we are protected by the 1st amendment, freedom of speech, unless we knowingly and maliciously push wrong information.

   There are so many AsAms Ph.Ds, professors, Chinese school principals and teachers, heads of professional organizations, and other nonprofit orgs. which don't understand the U.S definition of "political".  They refrained themselves from expressing their view on the apparent profiling of Chinese Ams by the Dept. of Justice because of their misunderstanding. 

        THEY ARE SO WRONG!!!!

   Instead of being a powerful educated voice for our community to fight for our rights, they silenced themselves because of their ignorance.  That is why "knowing the meaning of political" is the 1st of the 3 EASY WAYS to strengthen ourselves.

(2)  Be less timid.   Think more for our children's future instead of our temporary & small gains and losses.    

(3) Understand the importance of elections to us, and make use of them.

   Candidates seeking votes are encouraged by US political parties to make promises.  After all, finding out what people want is one important reason to hold elections.  Hence, every election, especially the presidential elections, is AsAms' golden opportunity to chip away at our current UN-equal status.

   How to get the promises?  How to get the politicians to fulfill the promises to us after they are elected?  Very complicated.  Best leave it to the professionals, IF we are lucky enough to have such a group who are dedicated to our rightful interests.
   In essence, a swing bloc vote is the best inducement to get the promises, because it rewards the candidates most richly or punishes them the most severely. That is what 80-20 has always advocated - a swing bloc vote - in order to induce both major political parties to compete to serve our interests.

   Who knows what questions to ask?  Who can deliver a "swing bloc vote"?   Think about it.  Who else but 80-20 has the ability & experience?

Click here to see 80-20 PAC's track record in this complex, nerve-wrecking political process.

   Do your friends understand the U.S. definition of "political", and the importance of every election to us who are NOT yet equal citizens?  Why not forward this e-newsletter to them for their comments? 

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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