Friday, December 18, 2015

Another Significant Self-Empowerment Step

80-20'll Introduce Many Self-Empowerment Steps
   THANKS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO DONATED TO SELF, 80-20 is better able to implement steps to help make our AsAm community stronger politically.  

   Last week, we presented "3 Easy Ways" to infuse political knowledge.  In the next few months, 80-20 will work on a concrete program to help Chinese Am. scientists seemingly targeted by the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) because of their race and national origin.

A Concrete Program With a Heart

   80-20 Educational Foundation (EF) will hold a dinner honoring Peter Zeidenberg, the lawyer who so capably defended both Drs. Sherry Chen and Xianxing Xi.   Money raised from that event will help relieve the huge legal debts of the victims.   
Why Is Peter Zeidenberg Being Honored?

   First, he induced DOJ to drop espionage charges against 2 Chinese Am scientists just before their trials. Second, he exposed that DOJ was either not living up to the "due diligence" obligation, or intentionally creating a chilling effect to intimidate all Chinese Ams.  Note that Pres. Obama's order to "aggressively investigate and prosecute those who steal national secrets" was only designed to achieve a chilling effect on "the bad guys only."  Earlier, DOJ also dropped the cases against 2 Eli Lily scientists just before their trials. This pattern is truly disturbing.  

Why Help Raise $18,000 for Dr. Chen?

   Dr. Chen suffered irreparable damage to her reputation when her "espionage" charges were reported nationally.  Even today, she may still lose her job.  She borrowed to pay her legal fees.  She still owes Zeidenberg $18,000.  So we want to help Dr. Chen with her debts and Peter Zeidenberg receive his well-deserved pay.  How about Dr. Xi?  80-20 will continue to consider his needs.

Is there a Higher & Nobler Purpose in Holding this Event?

   Of course.  Chinese Ams need to build a united cohesive community quickly while there is time.  Look at the Muslin community in the U.S.  I bet most innocent Muslins in the US are regretting now - their earlier unwillingness to give a little time and money to help build a strong national organization to protect themselves.

   Remember what SELF stands for?  Self-Empowerment Long-term Fund. Self-help is the only reliable help.  

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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