Monday, December 7, 2015

Spreading Like Prairie Fire

Adding Powerful New Voices

   Delaware's ENTIRE congressional delegation, composed of 2 powerful senators and one Congressman, who is the odds-on favorite for next Governor of DE, wrote a thoughtful & compassionate letter to A.G. Lynch, asking her to start an investigation.  Click here to view full letter.   

 . . . . it is extremely important that we get these prosecutions right, without resorting to profiling & with appropriate technical assistance from the broader scientific community. We recently spoke with a representative of the Chinese-American community in Delaware, and share the concerns he and others have raised about these and other recent cases that focus on Chinese-American scientists. We ask you to consider whether an investigation into this pattern of cases might be necessary . . . to ensure that faulty cases like that against Dr. Xi are caught prior to arrest.  . . . and ensure that inappropriate  profiling of Chinese-American scientists is not occurring. (Emphasis added)

    Sen. Chris Coons, who drafted the above letter, is a member of the powerful Appropriate Comm, Foreign Relations Comm, and Judiciary Comm.  He is also helping to get other senators to join him in asking for an investigation.  Sen. Tom Carper, a long time friend of the Asian Am community, is the ranking member of the powerful Homeland Security Comm.  
Powerful Voices From Every Corner
(1)  NY Times published an editorial and Washington Post an opinion page condemning DOJ's.  
(2) 42 Congresspersons have already asked for an independent investigation, 
(3) so did the US Commission on Civil Rights, and
(4) as did ENTIRE Congressional delegation of Delaware with two powerful senators.

Chinese Ams in Other States to Enlist Their Senators
   The norm of the mainstream society is that those who held fundraisers for politicians must step forth to get the same politicians to come to the community's aid, when the community has been wronged.  There have been plenty of Chinese American fundraisers for senators, it is time for them to prove their worth or hide their faces in shame.  Forward this letter to those fundraisers, and ask them to please step up to prove their worth. There must be accountability.  They enjoyed political connections and glory; now they must pay our community back.

Ultimately We Must Win our Own Battles
   DOJ has started a practice that can ruin the lives of any Chinese American.  It is seemingly illegal.  Ultimately, it is up to us to get DOJ to stop it.  We have so many scientists in our community, we need to hear from them.  I hope they'll think of their role as parents; do they have the obligation to fight and nip the apparent pattern of profiling in the bud for their children's sake? 

   If you are helping to get DOJ to investigate, kindly please let me know.

S. B. Woo 
President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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