Monday, September 16, 2013

Part (III)- Nothing to lose, everything to gain

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:
    When you donate $100/yr for 5 years, you have NOTHING TO LOSE, EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

   Your money will be REFUNDED to you in FULL, if 80-20 fails to raise, within 2 years, the minimal EMPOWERING sum of $1 million/yr for 5 years.

   If that money is raised, then you'll get many times the worth of your $500 back, because a HISTORIC UNITY will likely be forged, and with that shall come EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for you & your children. The $100/yr donation to EF is tax deductible.

Q: What is 80-20 waiting for? Get the fundraising going!!!
A:    80-20 is only as strong as YOU are. We'll be sending out a huge poll TOMORROW. If you get it, please complete and return it.
        If the return % is low, it'll be a "NO GO." Think! If our folks are NOT willing to spend the 2.5 minutes to complete 80-20's poll, are they LIKELY to donate the $100/yr for 5 yrs?

Q: Is there a defining moment for 80-20 in making a decision?
A:    The defining moment is TOMORROW. Please answer our poll, giving honest answers.

                                       A REMINDER:
   On our watch, our children face the highest barriers in admissions to elite colleges. Our adults face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces. Sick of being passed over since childhood? EMPOWER ourselves?

                     80-20's Boards are considering
            The GREATEST Self-Empowerment Act in Our History.
 If you MISSED the earlier Parts I & II, click here for E-mails 118 & 119 .

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National AsAm Educational Foundation