Monday, September 23, 2013

Self-help & How US Sen. Carper has Helped

(A) SELF-HELP -- The Most Important!!!

   350+ Chinese-, Indian-, Japanese- & other Asian-Ams have answered 80-20's poll. The prospect of 80-20's sponsoring the Self Empowerment Long-term Fund (SELF) looks better and better. But 80-20's Board looks for 600 poll responses as the minimum indication that AsAms want 80-20's leadership on this matter.

   Please reply to the poll. Honest answers are all we ask.

   80-20'll be slaving to raise, within 2 years, at least $1 million/yr for 5 yrs., should it assume that leadership. Why? Money talks. When that amount of money is combined with 80-20's political know-how, our community will likely achieve

(1) Unity -- our Salvation, and then
(2) Equal opportunity.

   See the poll results thus far:
               A            b           c          d         e
Q1        302         33         16         2         3
Q2        196         64         21         4         2
Q3        166         79         69        14        13
Q4         50         57         142       61       52

   The answers to Q1 & Q2 indicate that AsAms are absolutely intellectually convinced that all families and individuals, rich or poor, need to annually donate to a self-empowerment fund.

   The answers to Q3 implies about half of the families will not only donate but also help 80-20 find another AsAm family to donate.

   Q4 is tricky. Your answers to Q4 brought tears to our eyes. It indicates that AsAms really trust 80-20. They seem to prefer having 80-20 keeping an eye on the money, rather than a completely independent Board. Unexpected feedback! Thanks for your trust. Donors will decide this matter when a set of Bylaws are to be adopted.

   So pitch in! Do your share. At least reply to 80-20's poll.

(B) Self Help Induces Others to Help Us

   (i) Click here to see a video tape of US Sen. Tom Carper, who is now the Chair of the powerful Senate Homeland Security Committee, reading 80-20's full-page public service ad in Washington Post into the Congressional Record! He urged his senate colleagues to help AsAms achieve EQUAL opportunity. He said, "If this is right (i.e. if the info on the ad is right), then it is WRONG!"

   (ii) Click here to see how we induced Pres. Obama to TRIPLE the number of AsAm life-tenured federal judges. In addition, the number of AsAm Appeal Court judges jumped from 0 to 4.

   (iii) Click here to see that our Supreme Court agrees completely with 80-20's amicus brief to the Supreme Court that there should be "race-neutral" college admissions, . . . .

   (iv) Click here to see how 80-20 calls on OCA and other AsAm civil rights orgs. not to sell our interests. They remained silent. 80-20 appreciates & respects that silence. Optimistically, it seems the beginning for them to vigorously defend AsAm interests again. With that, we achieve our glorious UNITY -- our SALVATION.

   Replied to 80-20's poll yet? If not, do it NOW!

S. B. Woo, a volunteer president, 80-20 Nat'l AsAm Educational Foundation