Monday, April 23, 2012

College Admission Battle. (2nd of 3 articles)

   A lot of people thought 80-20 stepped into the college admission battle for the self-interest of Asian Americans.

   YES! 80-20 always thought having the ability and courage to protect self-interest is important. Otherwise, we don't deserve to be a part of America - "land of the free and the home of the BRAVE." Our community has been very weak in speaking up for ourselves.

   NO! We didn't do it purely for the narrow self-interest of Asian Ams. We did it for enlightened self-interest, taking into account the interests of the rest of our nation.

                         It is RIGHT for us to speak up!
   Step by step, 80-20 found out that a race-conscious college admission policy not only discriminates against Asian Am applicants but also doesn't help other minority students, owing to "academic mismatch."

   However, the discrimination against us is outrageously severe. In the 1st of the 3-article series, we already reported Prof. Espenshade's finding:
       "To receive equal 
consideration by elite colleges, Asian Americans must outperform Whites 
by 140 points, Hispanics by 280 points, Blacks by 450 points in SAT (Total 

   Today, we'll show you a less known but an additional solid proof of discrimination.

   About a century ago, our "best" universities used to discriminate against Jewish students using such fuzzy concepts as "character" and "fit".  We are elated that such discrimination against the Jewish students has ebbed. Today, with a population that is only half the size of Asian Americans, the average % of Jewish students in "first-tier" universities is HIGHER than that of Asian American students. To verify, please click on a report entitled "Jewish student populations at various colleges". .
So why is the higher bar seemingly applied to Asian Americans ONLY?

   It's because we are easy to discriminate against! UNITE, fellow Asian Americans, so that we are not so easy to be discriminated against.

   How are our opponents to defend against the finding that the burden of diversity has been borne mostly by Asian Ams applicants? They haul out the "holistic" approach which is just as fuzzy a concept as "character" and "fit" and as destined to be rejected by history.

                         What History Taught US!
   When suffrage movement (women's right to 888 vote) was first started, many women were against it. Today 2% of Asian Americans still support a "race-conscious" college admission policy and the so-called "holistic" approach in admission. 4 Asian American organizations, purporting to speak for our community, filed amicus briefs to support the "race-conscious" policy with the Supreme Court.

   Look into history and UNITE, fellow Asian Americans. Winning equal opportunity for ourselves is good for ourselves and America -- it helps make America "A MORE PERFECT UNION."

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S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation

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