Thursday, April 12, 2012

POSITIVE Development in Danny Chen's Case

There are two POSITIVE developments in Danny Chen's case,
according to today's NY Times and 80-20 EF's own sources.

(1) The trial of the 8 accused soldiers has been MOVED from Afghanistan
to Fort Bragg, N Carolina. Click on

(2) The decision on whether to accept the recommendation of the investigators (after a preliminary investigation) to drop the most serious charge against the soldiers, involuntary manslaughter, has been MOVED WAY UP THE COMMANDS. The NY Times article alludes to that, but most people will not understand it, without 80-20EF's explanation. NY
Times reports:

"In a series of inquests known as Article 32 hearings, the military investigator recommended that the most serious charge against the soldiers, involuntary manslaughter, be dropped but that most of the other charges be forwarded to a court-martial.

These recommendations now rest with the commander of the soldiers' unit, the First Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division. He can refer some or all of the charges to the commander for allied forces in southern Afghanistan, who can send the soldiers to a court-martial, mete out punishment himself or take no action, officials said."

What that means is that normally the decision to accept or reject the recommendation of the investigator rests with the Brigade Commander, now it has been moved up to the Division Commander, and if necessary all the way up to the Corps Commander of the of the XVIII Airborne.

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