Monday, March 5, 2012

Lots of Positive Development

Overwhelming consensus in our community for a race-neutral and merit-based college admission policy

As of 9 a.m. today, the FOR/AGAINST ratio of the "first 27,507 participants" is 33.2 to 1. It is an OPEN survey. Any Asian Am is welcome to express his/her view whether FOR or AGAINST. If you've not
taken the survey yet, click on .

Be sure to spread this message far and wide to AsAms., especially our COLLEGE BOUNDS. Our goal is 50,000 paticipants. We are only half way.

There is a good Chinese article on "Petition for Danny Chen," please forward it: .
I am looking for similar Korean and Vietnamese articles. Please let me know, if you see such articles. How about writing one? :)

Under 80-20's leadership, our community has formed a cohesive voice. 50,000 Asian Am. participants will equate a 1,000,000 person participation in the general society, because AsAms are only 1/20 our nation's population.

Asian Am. lawyers volunteered to file amicus brief

80-20 is so proud of these volunteers, whose names will be publicized once the amicus brief is filed.

We are still looking for a lead lawyer with amble experience practicing in the Supreme Court. We know that there are such lions in our legal community. In the Jewish Am. community, the most prominent lawyers compete to perform pro-bono services for their own community.

Army Secretary's office will brief US Senators Carper and Coons Regarding the Danny Chen Case.

o The offices of Senior US Senator of Delaware, Tom Carper, will join US Senator Chris Coons to be briefed by Army Secretary HcHugh's office.

Here is a message from Sen. Carper to S. B. Woo and his senate staff Harlan Geer:

"S.B., I like that idea. Harlan, please follow up with Senator Coons' office and ask that our office be included in the same briefing. Also, please invite Congressman Carney's staff to participate, too. Please reach out, as well, to the Army's congressional liaison and let them know that we want to be included in that briefing. Thanks. Tc"

Senator Caper is a great friend of the Asian Am. community.

o Our Petition to Pres. Obama "crying out for justice for Danny Chen" exceeded our goal of 10,000 petitioners by 20%. We've stopped that petition for now. It may restart if signs of injustice involving the Danny Chen case begin to surface.

Your Share

1) Be vigilant regarding the Danny Chen case. E-mail your 2 senators and one congressperson about 80-20's Petition to Pres. Obama.

2) If you've NOT taken the SURVEY, take it NOW! Click on .

If you have NOT forward the above site-address to your friends or upload it to a popular website yet, do it NOW.


S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation