Friday, March 16, 2012

A SURVEY that frees AsAm college bounds

o Will this SURVEY, ,
help eliminate discrimination against our college bounds?
We believe it will play an instrumental role!

o Will this SURVEY fulfill our generational responsibility to our children?
Certainly a big step in the right direction!

o Has the SURVEY come back online?
Yes. Sorry for the down time yesterday.

o What is so special about this SURVEY?
Historic in size and unanimity! 45,000 Asian Ams choosing 31.5 to 1 in favor of a "race-neutral and merit-based college admission policy."

o Why does the SURVEY ask participants to choose between FOR & AGAINST?

Because 80-20 is politically astute! If the survey asks for people to support 80-20's position only, after the 50,000-persons survey is completed, the opponents to "a race-neutral college admission" will sneeze at it. They may say "So what that 50,000 support that position. It only means that all the rest of the Asian Ams are AGAINST it."

Since 80-20 is conducting an OPEN survey that lets all Asian Ams choose between FOR & AGAINST, and the choice is 31.5 to 1 in favor of a "race-neutral college admission," the consensus of our community is CLEAR. Those 4 Asian Am. organizations, filing legal briefs with the Supreme Court supporting the current "race conscious college admission system," may want to reconsider its "misguided" position. Our community has spoken. Will those 4 Asian American organizations hear us?

Taken the SURVEY yet? To take it, click on .
Be a part of history, help pass the word. We need only 5000 more to make 50,000!


S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.