Monday, February 27, 2012

CALL TO ACTION - College Admission

A great moment has arrived. The Supreme Court has decided to review racial preference in college admission. 80-20 will be in the fight. We'll make a difference, IF you'll complete the SURVEY, shown below!

80-20 Educational Foundation shall file "a friend of the court" legal brief, WITHIN 2 MONTHS, advocating

"a race neutral and merit-based college admission policy. By merit-based, it means based on the current scholastic achievement and evaluated future potential of an applicant."

Take 80-20's SURVEY To Project Your Voice To The Supreme Court!

All Asian Americans (US citizens & permanent residents) may take this SURVEY. You can choose FOR or AGAINST the race-neutral admission policy advocated by 80-20. Result of the survey will be reported in 80-20's legal brief to the Supreme Court.

To take the SURVEY, click on .

Asian Am. Lawyers To Help File The Amicus Brief?

We have great data and new info for that brief. This may be a great opportunity for some Asian Am lawyers to shine while doing our community a great service. & to be remembered by history. Contact me.

Our Chance of Affecting the Supreme Court Decision?

Significant, if our SURVEY has 50,000 particpants and the consensus is clear.

The Supreme Court last confirmed the current race-based admission policy in 2003 by a 5-4 vote. Now that Justice O'Connor has been replace by Justice Alito, many legal experts expect the vote will be reversed. In addition, Justices, Elena Kagan has recused herself on this decision.

The court will hear the case in Oct. However, the SURVEY must be done in 2 months BEFORE the deadline to file the legal brief.

Do We Care About Giving Qualified Minority Student A Chance?

Absolutely! Note that 80-20 advocates an admission policy that also emphasize "evaluated potential of an applicant." Current scholastic achievement is NOT everything.

New research has found that the current admission policy 5bf0 creates an "academic mismatch" that injures black and Hispanic students. Many college admission staff consider having more blacks & Hispanics on campus as an honor badge. They admit unqualified students who would later feel overwhelmed and discouraged by the competition resulting in low
graduation rates and avoidance of fields in STEM. See a Chronicle of Higher Ed article: .

Go take the survey NOW & forward this email to every Asian Am you know, especially COLLEGE BOUNDS. We need 50,000 participants to have an impact! Click on .


S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc. .

* When a survey of 50,000 AsAm participants is projected to the national
population scale, it will be equivalent to 1,000,000 people having taken
the survey, since the national population is 20 times larger.

Speak your piece at our poster board. I welcome you!
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