Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Making of History -- 50,000 Participants Achieved

History was made. The old record of 10,000 participants in a survey/petition sponsored by an Asian Am organization was broken by a factor of FIVE or more!

This implies unprecedented UNITY of the Asian Am. community.

o The largest Filipino American national organization, National Federation of Filipino American Assoications (NaFFAA), joined as a co-filer of a legal brief to the Supreme Court. The brief will advocate "a race-neutral and merit-based college admission policy."

o The 3 largest Indian Am. national organizations (GOPIO, NFIA & IAFP) have already joined as co-filers.

o Chinese-, Filipino- and Indian-Ams represent the 3 largest components of the Asian Am. community. The 3 communities comprise about 60% of the total Asian Am. community.

80-20 EF welcomes all other Asian Am. national organizations as co-filers in the legal brief.

Be a part of the history and take the survey. The names of the 50,000+ participants will be on permanent display on EF's website. The site is intended to be closed in 2 days. Take it NOW!


S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational foundation

PS: We gratefully acknowledge:
James Cheung, South Pasadena, CA: $5,000
Phil Choong, Los Altos Hill, CA: $1,000