Friday, February 10, 2012

JUSTICE FIRST -- Don't mix Danny's case with the other

If YOU aim to achieve justice for Danny Chen, then DO NOT MIX Danny's case with another case of an AsAm soldier committing suicide, possibly owing to hazing. The other case was much weaker. Two of the 3 culprits have already being tried. The first guilty soldier got a slap on
the wrist. The second one was found NOT guilty yesterday.

Do NOT mix the 2 cases, because OTHERWISE the same type of results could be handed down to those who bullied Danny Chen. Those who mixed the 2 cases will have paved the way for that kind of result.

There are 2 HUGE DIFFERNECES between the two cases:
1) The bullying of Danny Chen was clearly racial. The other hazing was likely caused by the AsAm soldier falling sleep repeatedly during guard duties in a war zone. See the differences!

2) Danny was a Private, he was bullied by his superiors who actually have the duty to protect him. The other AsAm was hazed by 3 soldiers, two of whom were fellow corporals. A subtle but important legal pt.

Our community lacks experienced leaders. Past significant mistakes by in-experienced Asian Am. leaders include:

(a) The fouling up of the Vincent Chin's case: An Asian Am. prosecution attorney was possibly tricked into coaching witnesses. It led to a REVERSAL of a guilty finding, with a 25 years of jail sentence for the culprit, by a higher federal court. Visit .

(b) Earlier, in Danny Chen's case there was a bandwagon of inexperienced Asian Am. leaders emphasizing "training programs against hazing" instead of insisting on "Justice First." 80-20 pointed out that training programs would he ineffective, if the guilt ones would be let off easy. Immediately, 80-20 started the "Justice First Movement," and stopped that bandwagon!

Congresswoman Judy Chu has joined 80-20's "Justice First Movement." We thank her.

Don't relax. Another HUGE mistake could be in the making.

Recently, in-experienced Asian Am leaders are MIXING THE TWO CASES in one breadth. Ask them to think things through. Perhaps, nudge them to just follow 80-20's lead.

Is justice for the other AsAm soldier important? YES! Does 80-20 have enough resources to do a good job in both? NO! Hopefully, one day, with your support, 80-20 will have enough resources to cover ALL needed cases.

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S. B. Woo, President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.
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