Monday, January 30, 2012

Join the "JUSTICE FIRST" Movement

Join the "JUSTICE FOR DANNY CHEN FIRST" movement. Why?
There are people emphasizing "TRAINING PROGRAMS against bullying/
hazing." It could be an attempt to REDIRECT our attentions, we must
keep our eyes on the ball -- JUSTICE.

If the guilty were let off easy, even the best training program will NOT
be effective in stopping bullying/hazing.
The guilty must be punished
justly. After that good training may have an impact.

Be Smart. Watch How Events Are Developing

1) Danny Chen was reported as having committed suicide.

2) EIGHT GIS were charged for causing the death of Danny Chen.

3) The relatives and friends of the EIGHT started lobbying their own
Congressional Delegates to find a way to get the "guilty" ones off easy.
Human nature. Don't blame the friends and relatives of those EIGHT.

4) Some politicians begin scheming how to let the "guilty" off easy.
RE-DIRECTION of our attention such as emphasizing "training
programs" could be one way.

5) Are we catching on to it? No! Indeed some Asian American elected
officials and organizations might even have unknowingly helped
along the REDIRECTION game.

On Jan 23, Asian Am. elected officials, Repts. Judy Chu and Mike
Honda joined NY Senator Gillibrand and Congresswoman Velazquez to
send a letter to Army Sec. McHugh. The letter asked detailed questions
DANNY CHEN FIRST." This is likely done with the best intentions. However,
the letter is less than thoughtful. Is a training program our focus

6) On the same day, the most serious charge against the first soldier
who went through a pretrial investigative hearing was "recommended
to be dropped."

7) 80-20 was alarmed. It sprang to action.

o Next day S.B. sent a letter to Army Sec. McHugh stressing the
importance of justice for Danny.

o In addition, SB contacted US Senator Chris Coons and
Congresswoman Judy Chu
urging them to take a stand for

o Senator Coons wrote a letter to Army Sec. McHugh, stressing 2 KEY
ELEMENTS of possible Injustice:

"Specifically, the recommendation by the recent Article 32 hearing to
not pursue involuntary manslaughter charges, and the discussion over
the location of any future courts martial have sparked frustration among
many in the Asian Am. community, which I take very seriously." See his
letter at the end of this email. Thank you, Senator Chris Coons!

o Congresswoman Judy Chu and her Asian Pacific Am Congressional
Caucus issued a press release "expressing outrage against the
dropped charge."

o 80-20 EF urges Rept. Judy Chu and her Asian Pacific Am Congressional
Caucus to express their outrage to Army Sec. McHugh! None of her 2 letters
to Sec. McHugh regarding Danny Chen has stressed "Justice First." We'll
deeply appreciate your doing it.

No amount of training against bullying will do any good,
if the "guilty" will be let off easy!

Join the "JUSTICE FIRST" movement. Speak up at the poster-board please. Click on Thanks.

SB, President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.


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