Sunday, February 26, 2012

10,000 AsAms Petitioned Pres. Obama!!!

10,000 Asian Ams. have signed a petition to Pres. Obama,
since 80-20's "Call To Action" 8 days ago,

Crying out for justice for Danny Chen!

80-20 Educational Foundation will formally present the result of our
petition to Pres. Obama, although the White House was informed all along.

You need to do YOUR PART for full impact. Click on this link to find a map: . Click on your state to find the
names & the "Contact Form" of your 2 US senators and 1 congressperson.
Click on the URL at the extreme right opposite to a senator's name.
Complete the table with your name, Zipcode, …, etc. Then copy & paste
the following to the email window, provided in each site.

"10,000 Asian Ams have petitioned Pres. Obama crying out
for justice for Danny Chen. This is an emotionally explosive
issue with the entire Asian Am. community. To see the
petition and names of those petitioners, visit

Danny Chen was subjected to almost daily race-based
hazing and physical abuse by his superiors and comrades
in the lead-up to his death. For more information click on .

10,000 Asian American petitioners, when projected to
the national scale, are equivalent to 200,000 US citizens
petitioning, since Asian Ams represent only 1/20 of the
national population. PLEASE PAY KEEN ATTENTION
to this explosive issue whose solution is JUSTICE."

If you'll do your part, 80-20 shall secure justice for Danny Chen and ALL
Asian Ams. Contact your congressional representatives NOW! It'll take
only a few minutes. A dose of preventive medicine goes a long way!


S.B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Eductional Foundation (80-20NAAEF)

PS: For the OTHER case in which an Asian Am soldier also committed
suicide, all the trials are over. 2 of the accused soldiers were freed,
and the 3rd got one month of jail time only.
Recall how our inexperienced
elected officials tried to mix this case with that of Danny Chen. They also
emphasized "training programs" BEFORE justice has been secured. 80-20
was compelled to intervene & oppose. The validity of 80-20's leadership
and judgment is now OBVIOUS.