Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Examine the BIG picture together with S. B. Woo

Dear Friends:

As you know I had retreated to the 2nd line regarding
80-20 Political Action Comm. A PAC is NOT tax exempt, but
may help elect or UN-elect any politician. Hence, a PAC is a
MUST-political-weapon for us to defend ourselves.

I'll still lead 80-20 Educational Foundation (EF), a tax exempt
organization engaged in political education. With your help,
I'll issue a monthly EF e-newsletter to discuss the BIG PICTURE
faced by our community -- topics so BIG & COMPLEX that we
don't normally have the time/courage/experience and knowledge
to tackle. But tackle we must, because they are the CONTROLLING
elements of our destiny.

EF has a poster-board enabling dialogues!!! You may critique,
comment, & start your own discussion via the poster-board. To see
the poster-board, click on

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, EF

The Topics We'll Examine Together

o What is more important to Asian Ams politically today? Why?

a) More elected Asian Americans (Governors, Senators & Representatives)?
b) More high-ranking appointed officials e.g cabinet members?
c) More national civic organizations like JACL (Japanese Am. Citizens' League),
NFIA (Nat'l Federation of Indian Ams) & OCA (Organization of Chinese Ams)?
d) More Political Action Committees (e.g 80-20 PAC, CAPA)?

In short, will AsAms ever become politically strong, if we don't know how to
INVEST politically?

o How to apply our political knowledge to help Asian Am youngsters even
the playing field in their college applications, and secure justice
in the tragic death of Danny Chen?

o Why are our politicians always bashing Asian countries (first Japan,
now China and possibly next India), especially during election time?
Why are politicians so accommodating to Israel but so harsh on Asian
nations (Japan in the 1980s; China & Pakistan now) during election times?

In short, does such bashing help or hurt our struggle to be equal citizens of
the USA?

o Why aren't the rich and powerful Asian Americans helping out
their own community's struggle to be equal citizens of America?

In short, those who are in the best positions to help their own folks sat on the
side line.
Is that a shame on them, or us or on us ALL?

o The extreme injustice in Vincent Chin's case was partially helped along by AsAms
-- a mistake rarely publicized and discussed. Should that be a lesson to us in
Danny Chen's case?
Are we making a mistake in Danny Chen's case even today?

In short, should we do frank self-examination and seek immediately remedy?

Tune in to this space. We discuss essential topics
that others don't dare to touch.