Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More on Justice for Danny Chen/ SB's letter and ...

Background Information

(1) The most serious charge against the first of the 8 soldiers, accused of
causing Danny Chen's death, was recommended to be dropped at the
conclusion of a pretrial investigative hearing. Click on a NY Times article of

(2) There is an alarming NEW development!!! It's discussed below SB's letter.

80-20 EF Immediately Took Actions.

(1) 80-20 EF President S. B. Woo sent a letter to Army Secretary McHugh,
return receipt requested. The letter is copied to Secretaries of State,
Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chief of Staff.

(2) He also enlisted the help of Senator Chris Coons of
Delaware, who is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Comm. See
Sen. Coons reply this morning to S.B.'s emailed to him of yesterday

"Dear S.B., Thank you for bringing this terrible situation to my
attention. I will ask my office to prepare an appropriate letter to
Army Sect'y McHugh and any other appropriate contacts raising
concerns that this be handled swiftly and appropriately.
Best wishes, Chris"

A Letter From S. B. Woo To Army Sect'y McHugh

This letter is very different from other letters regarding this matter -- what sets 80-20 apart!
Click anywhere within the letter, a very large image of the letter will appear.

Note that S. B's letter does NOT ask the Army to institute programs to
stop hazing or bullying. 80-20 EF believes that we should focus on
securing justice for Danny Chen first, because if the guilty is not
punished, no amount of training against bullying will have any effect.

Indeed, when due punishment is handed out, it is the best training program
against bullying and hazing. Watch out! Some orgs. and politicians may
attempt to thwart justice by redirecting your attention to emphasizing "training
Don't fall for it!

Should Justice For Danny Be Ahead of Training Programs?

Don't forget to comment 1ff whether justice for Danny Chen is MORE

important than training programs against bullying/hazing. Show your
integrity. Voice your view openly at EF's posterboard. Click on

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc. (