Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Ugly Truth about AsAm Inequality (Part 4)

This is Part 4 of the "Ugly Truth." To catch up on earlier parts,
go to the bottom of each web page:
http://80-20nj.info/cgi/dm/8/bb/b35 or /b36 or /b37 …

People who want to preserve "good jobs" for themselves
spread MYTHS against us.

They try to falsely explain away the irrefutable statistical evidence
of discrimination against AsAms as if it's AsAms' own faults. Here are
some popular MYTHS against us:

MYTH 1: To be manager, business training is important. However,
AsAms are mostly trained in Science and Engineering.

When compared to other races, AsAms have a significantly HIGHER
% of people with business degrees. See Footnote 1.

MYTH 2: The average AsAms income is higher than that of every ethnic
group, except for Whites. That is proof positive that AsAms are
not being discriminated.

Wrong. That statistics proves just the opposite. The fact that AsAm
receive LOWER pay even though they have on average HIGHER
educational attainment than Caucasians is consistent with our charts,
which show AsAms having the lowest manager to eligible pool ratio
among all major population groups. This means that many AsAms in
the eligible pool are denied equal opportunity to realize personal
aspirations by the glass ceiling. They deserve equal opportunity, which
is America's core value and what makes America a great nation. Any
injustice in our system towards ANY group, regardless of that group's
ethnicity or gender, ultimately saps the vigor and competitiveness of
our nations; and festers to our nation's detriment. See Footnote 2.

Indeed, we are discriminated in workplaces in 2 ways:
(1) having lesser chance to be promoted to management, &
(2) getting paid less for the same job. See Footnote 3.

Join the fight for equal opportunity. You owe it to your children
and truth to show up.

Why is 80-20 telling you the "Ugly Truth"? To whine or to prepare for
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Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

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Footnote 1:
Having a large % of AsAms in science and engineering does NOT equate
fewer % of us who are trained in business. The percentage of AsAms with
business degrees is much HIGHER than the national average. It is because
very small % of AsAms are in such other fields as English, history,
psychology, liberal arts, …, etc.

Indeed, AsAms have the highest percentage of all people with MBAs, and
the second highest percentage of people with either a bachelors or
doctoral degree in business. See Table 1 below.

Bachelor's Degrees (business):
Master's Degrees (business):
Doctor's Degrees (business):
http://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d04/tables/dt04_269.asp .

Footnote 2:
Income is tightly coupled to educational attainment according to the Census 2000.
If Asian American workers were paid the average national salary according
to their educational attainment, the average Asian American income should
be about 15% HIGHER
than the average Caucasian income, owing to their
much higher average educational attainment than the Whites. See Chart 2 of
http://80-20nj.info/cgi/dm/8/bb/b35 However, in reality, the income of
the average Asian American is LOWER than that of the average Caucasian.

Footnote 3:
A 2009 salary survey by Scientist documented the same point. See the chart

Or visit http://www.the-scientist.com/fragments/salary_survey/2009/ss-charts.jsp .

How come our bars are normally the shortest? Are we doing right by
our children?