Monday, January 4, 2010

The Ugly Truth about AsAm Inequality (Part 5)

Why is 80-20 sending you the "Ugly Truth" series? To whine
or to prepare for community-wide action?

Additional popular MYTHS against us are debunked below.

MYTH 3: AsAms simply don't have the ambition, language ability, social
and communication skills, & sense of humor to make managers.

The same accusations were made against women, blacks, and Hispanics
earlier. Now that there are hundreds of thousands of female, black and
Hispanic managers, on account of the enforcement of EO 11246, such
nonsense are no longer spread or believed. The same will prove to be case
for AsAms, once EO 11246 is enforced for us. For more details,
see Footnote 1.

MYTH 4: AsAms are mostly new immigrants. So most AsAms don't
have the seniority in workplaces to make managers yet.

Hispanics are mostly new immigrants too. When compared to Hispanics.,
AsAms have MORE seniority with their current employers. When we don’t
have the GROUP political clout, then the lack of seniority is used as a lie
to keep us beffudled. For a table of comparison, see Footnote 2.

MYTH 5: "Latent prejudice" against blacks is certainly higher. If blacks
are making managers, and AsAms are not, it proves that
AsAms just don't have the ability to be managers.

"Latent prejudice" against blacks is indeed higher on many streets in
America, not that prejudice should be tolerated anywhere against anyone.
However, blatant discrimination against AsAms is higher in workplaces,
because AsAms don't have the GROUP political clout to get EO 11246
enforced for us.

Have you heard enough "Ugly Truth"??? Are you ready to join the
fight for equal opportunity?

Dear readers:

What will it take to get a minority in the USA equal opportunity in
workplaces? Tell us your views/conclusions. There are no
clearly right or wrong answers. We just want to know your views. .
Do your part! "God helps those who help themselves."

Respectfully yours,

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

Footnote 1

How come the same myth is still held against AsAms? Two main
reasons. (1) Women, blacks and Hispanics have more GROUP political
clout. People who utter such stereo negative image against them face
severe repercussions. (2) Once the individuals in those groups become
convinced that they have the equal opportunity to be promoted, they
worked in earnest to develop the skills they need to become managers.

If AsAms are smart & hard working enough to get advanced degrees,
AsAms can certainly learn how to communicate tactfully, and crack jokes in
cocktail parties with a little hard work. The latter is the easier skills.

Footnote 2
See the Table below for worker with 5 or more years with their current
employers comparing Asian to Hispanics: