Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Ugly Truth about AsAm Inequality (Part 3)

This is Part 3 of the "Ugly Truth." To catch up on earlier parts,
go to the bottom of each web page:
http://80-20nj.info/cgi/dm/8/bb/b35 or /b36 or /b37 …

Is the statistical evidence compiled by 80-20 valid?

We'll let EEOC's Chief Statistician plus a formal report from EEOC
tell you about it. EEOC stands for Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission, a government agency.

(1) 4/6/2006, 02:57 PM email from EEOC Chief Statistician Ronald Edwards:

" Subject: Odds Ratios Calculations
Dr. Woo,
Attached is a spreadsheet showing my calculations. I am
sure it's consistent with your calculations. I would just
stress the value of comparing to white males.(WHTM).
I enjoyed talking with you today. Good luck with your
research and related activities. Thanks."
(The attachment is NOT included, since it takes up huge
space but is not related to the validity check.)

"Odds ratios calculations" mean calculations of the chances of each
minority to rise to management in private industries, universities and
the federal government. It determines the lengths of the bars in Chart I.
To see chart 1, go to the bottom of this webpage:
http://80-20nj.info/cgi/dm/8/bb/b35 .

(2) After a year's study, EEOC publicized on January 9, 2009 its report on
"Bamboo Ceiling over Asian Americans". The report examined the
lack of advancement opportunities for AsAms in the Federal government,
the bastion of affirmative action. Ironic? Our punishment for not
paying attention to GROUP political clout? To see the EEOC report, go
http://eeoc.gov/federal/reports/aapi.html .

EEOC's recommendations include the following: (emphasis
added by 80-20). "Promulgating an Executive Order that addresses issues of
discrimination against AAPI employees in the federal sector …" and
"Create requirements that hold senior leadership accountable … for …
promotion of qualified AAPI candidates to the highest levels. …. "

Note that EEOC didn't shy away from using the phrase "discrimination
against AAPI employees."

Need you more evidence? Join us in this fight for YOU and YOUR

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S. B. Woo
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Names & short bios of members of 80-20's DOL Meeting Team.

596 Ved Chaudhary of NJ, President, Educators Society for the Heritage of
India (ESHI), Former Member, Board of Trustees, Rutgers Univ., N.J.,
Assistant Commissioner, Dept. of Environmental Protection, NJ,
Chenming Hu of CA, Member of The US Academy of Engineering,
Distinguished Chair professor of electrical engineering at Univ. of Calif,
Berkeley, Chinese Academy of sciences; Academia Sinica,
Alice S. Huang of CA, President-elect of The American Assoc. for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS), retire Porf. From Harvard, retired Dean
of Science at NYU, retired member of the Divison of Biology, Calif.
Institute of Technology, Member of Academic Sinica,
Henry Lee of NY & FL, President, The Financial Marketing Group, worked in
McDonnell Douglas (Missile & Space Systems Division), Northrop Corp
(Space Systems), General Electric, and Arabian American Oil Company,
S. B. Woo of DE & FL, President, 80-20 Educational Foundation; Lt. Gov.
of Delaware (1985-89), former trustee, Univ. of Delaware, and
David Yang of DC, Associate Political Scientist, Rand Corporation, Former
research fellow at Stanford Univ. specializing in democracy promotion
and international development.