Monday, December 21, 2009

The Ugly Truth about AsAm Inequality (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the "Ugly Truth." To see Part 1,
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President Obama made an iron-clad promise to AsAms that he
"issue a directive to the Labor Department asking it to focus
on enforcing Exec. Order 11246 on behalf of Asian Americans."
The above is valid provided that there is
"statistical data strongly suggesting discriminatory practices
against AsAms in workplaces today"
A copy of Pres. Obama's signed commitment is attached at the end.

What Statistical Evidence Does 80-20 Have?

80-20 has data to show that
"Asian Americans have the least opportunity to enter
management (See Chart I below), despite having the highest
educational attainment. (See Chart II). We also have the slowest
rate of progress toward equal opportunity (See Chart III)."

Such data & more have been provided to the Dept of Labor, DOL, since
a month ago. Indeed, earlier in 2006, 80-20 bought a full page ad in
Washington Post to publicize these data.

Be sure to focus on the small pillboxes above each of the bars in chart III. A
yellow/black pillbox denotes respectively the lengthening/shortening in each bar
from 1996 to 2001. Note that the increases in AsAm bars are only about ½
the sizes of those for women and Hispanics, although our bars are by far the
shortest. At this rate of progress, it'll take 75 years or 3 more generations,
before Asian Americans will enjoy equal opportunity. Are you OUTRAGED? .

Are WE to continue being patient or timid? Or are WE to begin a
determined NATIONWIDE bid for equal opportunity?

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Respectfully yours,

S. B.
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.

Names & short bios of members of 80-20's DOL Meeting Team.

Ved Chaudhary of NJ, President, Educators Society for the Heritage of
India (ESHI), Former Member, Board of Trustees, Rutgers Univ., N.J.,
Assistant Commissioner, Dept. of Environmental Protection, NJ,
Chenming Hu of CA, Member of The US Academy of Engineering,
Distinguished Chair professor of electrical engineering at Univ. of Calif,
Berkeley, Chinese Academy of sciences; Academia Sinica,
Alice S. Huang of CA, President-elect of The American Assoc. for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS), retire Porf. From Harvard, retired Dean
of Science at NYU, retired member of the Divison of Biology, Calif.
Institute of Technology, Member of Academic Sinica,
Henry Lee of NY & FL, President, The Financial Marketing Group, worked in
McDonnell Douglas (Missile & Space Systems Division), Northrop Corp
(Space Systems), General Electric, and Arabian American Oil Company,
S. B. Woo of DE & FL, President, 80-20 Educational Foundation; Lt. Gov.
of Delaware (1985-89), former trustee, Univ. of Delaware, and
David Yang of DC, Associate Political Scientist, Rand Corporation, Former
research fellow at Stanford Univ. specializing in democracy promotion
and international development.

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ATTACHMENT: President Obama's signed commitment to our community: