Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Impact of 80-20's full-page ads

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Positive Impact of Our Full-page Ads?

     The following article came out in the prestigious Foreign Policy magazine last Wednesday (Feb.16). It may reflect the positive national impact of our Feb. 10 full-page ads on WSJ and Politico.

     The article points to the overzealous prosecutions, including the one involving Prof, Anming Hu, which 80-20 helped from day one till he got his job back. The FP "Flash Points" highlights FBI Director Wray, just as 80-20's full-page ads did. Note that the red and bolded FP stands for Foreign Policy.

     80-20 spent huge amount of our time and some financial resource to buy those ads. Why? We aim to achieve this kind of positive impact nationwide. Expect more positive impact from our ads to come. Look for a DOJ review report on China Initiative, which will be coming soon.

     80-20 takes a unique position on China Initiative. We maintain that the equivalent of China Initiative will always exist, given the tense relations between the U.S. and China. We respectfully but forcefully ask our government to stop the abuse of persons of Chinese descent that comes with China Initiative i.e. stop overzealous prosecution. 80-20 was the first AsAm organization to point to the totalitarian chilling effect created by the wrongful execution of China Initiative and to ask for accountability from DOJ. Only accountability will stop overzealous prosecution.

     If you agree with 80-20's style & substance in its bold campaigns, which are almost never taken by other AsAm orgs., please encourage us. Thanking you in anticipation.

Speaking Up!

     See the sequence of these impactful events in the AsAm community:

(1) the Supreme Court accepted hearing our lawsuits against Harvard & UNC,
(2) 80-20's bold full-page ads in WSJ & Politico, and
(3) The successful SF recall, reported below.

     80-20 is directly involved in (1), planned and paid for (2), and morally supports (3), since 80-20 has always sided with high quality high schools.

     Many strikingly sharp articles, including 2 from the NY Times, are reporting that AsAms are getting ready to VOTE to safeguard OUR rights. See words like "angry and ire" and "get organized and recall" in the headlines.

Feb. 17, 2022 By Jay Caspian Kang the NY Times, and

(B) San Francisco recall vote fueled by Asian Voters' ireFeb. 17, 2022 By Thomas Fuller the NY Time

     Politicians beware! Mid-term election is coming. Forward this e-newsletter to your local & state politicians so that they'll give you respect !

     Do the AsAm politicians you donate to and/or vote for get involved in important AsAm issues like (1) to (3)? If not, why not?? If not, forward this e-newsletter to them to educate and persuade them. Seek accountability!
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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 23 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

80-20 gratefully acknowledge all donors, including
(1) Andrew Li, Mountain View, CA for 1,000/Yr for 5 years for AAEPAC, and
(2) E. S. Tze, Northbrook, IL for $2,000 for EF.