Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Help Win the Supreme Court Case

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 Likely Prospect of our Supreme Court case

     For the first time in AsAm history, we may have finally lived up to our generational responsibility to our children. Here is a logical deduction regarding our prospect:
          The lower courts have already ruled against the law suits by
          SFFA (Students For Fair Admissions) against Harvard and
          UNC (Univ. of NC). Do you think that the Supreme Court
          decided to hear the cases again to just affirm the decisions
          of the lower courts?

     For other positive news about the fulfilling of our generational responsibilities, click here.

Unfairly rejected by Harvard?

     If YOU were unfairly rejected by Harvard, or if YOU know of students who were unfairly rejected by Harvard, here is YOUR chance to strike a blow for justice. Join SFFA and/or urge them to join SFFA. I and most, if not all, 80-20 Board members are SFFA members. SFFA, headed by Ed Blum, had spent millions of dollars to fight discrimination against AsAm applicants to elite universities. SFFA is still looking for more members who have been unfairly rejected by Harvard recently. Ed Blum repeatedly assured me that members' names will not be revealed in court or in any other way. JOIN TODAY!

     Don't sit back and let others fight for you. That is cowardly. Do your share!

Prof. Anming Hu got his job back.

     From the very beginning, as soon as 80-20 heard that FBI agents lied to incriminate Prof. Anming Hu,

          80-20 donated $10,000 to his family & many of you donated
          too ......., 80-20 President S. B. Woo wrote 2 strong letters to
          Attorney General Garland ....., 80-20 worked with 3 senators
          who each sent strong letters to A.G. Garland (they are
          Senators Tom Carper of DE, Chris Coons of DE, andTammy
          Duckworth of IL) ........ Prof. Hu was acquitted of all charges
          by the District Court .......

until the very end, when 80-20 helped to get Anming his "Employment Authorization Document" to get his job back, 80-20 covered Prof. Hu's back.

     Please note that a few other AsAm orgs. and elected officials helped Prof. Hu also. 80-20 salutes them.

Might the same misery befall YOU?
     To make sure that the same devastatingly punishing and unjust prosecution or persecution does not happen to YOU & your family, 80-20 pressed on to ask DOJ for ACCOUNTABILITY*When gross misconducts of relevant FBI agents are disciplined, then wrongful prosecution/persecution of persons of Chinese origin will stop.
     Recall the misery that befell Wen-ho Lee (1999), Sherry Chen (2012), Prof. Xiaoxing Xi (2015), Prof. Anming Hu (2020), and Prof. Gang Chen (2021).
Alarmingly, the frequency of such cases may be increasing.

     That is why on Feb 10 (Thursday), 80-20 is buying full page ads in the back page of Section A of Wall Street Journal and Politico. We want to call attention to the American people that we seek prompt and certain relief from our government - accountability from DOJ. See a copy of the ad below.
     In 4 days, on 2/10 when the ads will be published, 80-20 will issue a "CALL
TO ACTION," which I beseech you to partake. The persons you help will be yourself and your loved ones!!!
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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

*Unfortunately, no other AsAm orgs were willing to join our effort to press on, even when asked.