Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Great News All Over

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Great News 1: The Immense Significance
of Supreme Court 's Decision to Hear the Harvard & UNC Cases

     "So what?" may be John Doe's reaction. However, it meant that YOU and I may have finally lived up to our generational responsibility - providing equal opportunity for education to our children.

BIG Changes are Coming - Headlines from Major Media:

(1) From New York Times:

(2) From Wall Street Journal:

(3) From Washington Post:

(4) From Los Angeles Times:
"Supreme Court signals it may outlaw most affirmative action at universities".

The Fight Still Goes on - Against Media Distortion

     Our lawsuits against Harvard & UNC were against their "discrimination against AsAm College applicants". Liberal media describes "race preference admissions policy" as an application of Affirmative Action (AA). it is an outrageous distortion. Note that only WSJ's headline, shown above, doesn't mention AA.

     As you know, AA is, when all other factors being equal, to give minorities a nod in jobs, educational opportunity, and government contracts, owing to historical wrongs. AsAms suffered historical wrongs, and are therefore entitled to benefit from AA. Instead, AsAms are penalized by AA. How could "discrimination against AsAm students in college admissions" be described an application of AA? What prejudice!

Who but 80-20 Has Fought with YOU

     Do you know of any national AsAm orgs. or elected AsAm officials standing up for you and fighting for your children's EQUAL opportunity to college admissions??? Almost all of them have been busy fighting on the other side.

     However, 80-20 wants to seek out all AsAm orgs. and elected officials at the national or state level to fight together and win this final battle. We sincerely even welcome those who were on the other side in the past. A small and powerless minority must unite to serve our community effectively. Contact me via <> please.

Great News 2: DOJ dropped the case against Prof. Gang Chen,
who rightfully wants accountability!

     80-20 is the only AsAm organization that has publicly and explicitly asked DOJ for accountability. 80-20 asked the Attorney General to (1) apologize, (2) discipline the wrongful FBI agents, and (3) promise the AsAm community that such gross misconduct of its agents will never happen again.

     Please (1) see a video on which FBI director Wray humbly apologized, fired the wrongful agent and sincerely promised never to let it happen again to the gymnast community, and (2) read 80-20's letter to Attorney General Garland asking him to deliver the same to the AsAm community.

     This open letter will appear as a full-page ad at the back page of Section A of Wall Street Journal and Politico on Feb. 10 (Thursday), at an expense of $140,000. Look for it and spread it far and wide please. A copy of this ad, already submitted to WSJ is shown below.
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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 23 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

80-20 gratefully acknowledge all donors, including
Shengli Zhou and Juan Juan Liao, Mansfield Center, CT, who donated $1,000.