Friday, November 5, 2021

Wu Won Big; 80-20 Invites Volunteers

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Michelle Wu Won by 64.2% to 35.8%!

     80-20 has proved with the accuracy of its prediction on Wu's victory and the margin of her victory, that 80-20 knows election politics.

      2.5 months ago, our e-newsletter entitled Help a Good AsAm Candidate Winintroduced Michelle to you. At the time, she was largely unknown outside of Boston and MA. She was only leading her closest primary opponent by 23.4% to 21.6% in polls, while 22 % of her voters were still undecided. Look where she is today. She won by close to 30 points.

     80-20's 08/16/21 e-newsletter also said:

     "80-20 will only recommend an AsAm candidate to you, if we've studied and mostly approved of the candidate's
          a) political career and activities,
          b) his/her chance of winning the particular campaign, and
          c) his/her personal & political value system.

       We are proud to strongly recommend to you Michelle Wu ....."

     THANK YOU for following 80-20's urging to donate to & volunteer for Wu's campaign. CONGRATULATIONS, MICHELLE! Serve Boston well!

What Is 80-20's REAL GOAL In The Above Prediction Exercise?

     REAL GOAL: To forge a politically more cohesive AsAm community in the support of worthy AsAm political candidates. Help them win! Through that process, we EMPOWER ourselves!

     In 80-20's view, there are 3 types of AsAm candidates:

1] Great candidates who are good for their constituents and the AsAm community, and who will likely win. 80-20 will rally all out support for them.

2] Strong candidates who may win or lose and yet have a bright political future even after a defeat. 80-20 will help root for & coach them (if welcome), provided they also identify with AsAms' best interests.

3] Unworthy candidates with no chance of winning and/or candidates who ruthlessly use our community's political immaturity as a stepping stone for personal gain. 80-20 will be stone-silent towards such candidates.

     80-20 will NOT rate the hundreds of minor local candidates. We don't have enough resources.

     FROM HERE ON, please look for 80-20's recommendation on AsAm
candidates running for high offices. When we help the right candidates, we EMPOWER ourselves. When we are stone-silent, shy away from such candidates.

Have Time For a Volunteer Job That Pays?

     If you have the most basic spreadsheet skill and can type, 80-20 is looking for volunteers to help harvest email addresses. We'll pay $0.4 per valid AsAm e-address. Please email Lily Ren, my Special Assistant, ( The job may fit housewives the best. Thank you.

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)