Monday, October 18, 2021

Patching a Huge Hole in Our Pol. Maturity

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Q: Why are we so impotent in politics?
A: Many reasons. However, if we can learn from the Jewish community and
     invest correctly in politics, we can change it very quickly.

Q: How do the Jewish invest in politics?
A: They invest in NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to handle political       issues that are peculiar to Jewish Americans. Examples are (1) AIPAC,        American Israel Public Affairs Comm., whose annual budget is $69.3M,     
       and (2) Anti-Defamation League ($70.8M). These NGOs are feared by        elected politicians. They are the fountains of the Jewish community's        political clout.

Q: Incredible! I'm from Asia. In Asia NGOs have no political clout.
A: We are in America now, stupid. In Asia, if an NGO fights with a politician,      the NGO loses. But in America, the opposite happens - the politicians are      scared of these Jewish NGOs.

Q: Ridiculous! How could it be?
A: Let me explain. In America, when a politician is facing re-election, he/she
     is running the gauntlet. Any politician, who has powerful enemies, could      get beat.

     Click here to verify the following quote from Wikipedia on AIPAC (Go to      "History," 4th paragraph). READ IT CAREFULLY for you to comprehend the       impact of AIPAC on American politics:
      "AIPAC scored two major victories in the early 1980s that established its       image among political candidates as an organization "not to be trifled       with" and set the pace for "a staunchly pro-Israel" Congress over the        next three decades"!!! (emphasis added) THINK & INTERNALIZE
Q: Unbelievable! Could the politicians hit back at the NGO's?
A: Very difficult for 2 reasons. First, the rule of law protects all NGOs which
     are not violating laws. Secondly, the heads of NGOs are elected by NGO      members, not outside people. The battles between NGOs & politicians      are completely one-sided - in favor of NGOs.

Q: Is 80-20 an NGO?
A: Yes. 80-20 is an NGO with a "political Action Comm." to help elect or
     defeat political candidates, just like AIPAC*. Remember that we are in
     America now. Many things are so different from Asia. To live well, we need      to change to "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."
Q: Does 80-20 know how to get political candidates to beware that it is
    "not to be trifled with"?
A: Not all NGOs know politics. But 80-20 does. Here are examples of how
     80-20 punished AsAm politicians who worked against EQUAL OPPOR-
     TUNITY in college admissions in CA for AsAm youngsters.

      In 2012, 80-20 led from afar to defeat CA Senate Constitutional Amend-  
      ment No. 5 (SCA-5). During the fight, 2 AsAm politicians were particularly  
      obstructive - State Senator Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong.       Consequently, one day after SCA-5 was defeated, 80-20 publicly declared       to drive both out of politics. They were both out of politics within one year.

Q: So what may we conclude?
A: If we want the Jewish community's political clout, then donate like the
     Jewish! INVEST in AsAm NGOs which know American politics.

     80-20's annual budget is $0.2 M., while that of AIPAC's is $69.3 M. Wow!

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

Added News: Prof. Anming Hu's former university, UT, has offered to hire him                         back. Hence it is "mission accomplished". However, he still
                        has a few other problems which 80-20 is still helping.

* 80-20 differs from AIPAC in 1 big way: Thus far, 80-20 chooses not to get involved in US foreign policy, although it is legally permitted to do so.