Monday, November 8, 2021

Michelle Wu Got Nat'l Spot Light


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President Joe Biden Spotlights Michelle WU

       Two days agoPresident Joe Biden sent this email to his "team":
"Team --

The results in Virginia this week were a wake up call for our party. ....
if we want to continue building back better, we have our work cut out for us.

Despite the outcome in Virginia, there is still plenty of reason to hope. .... Democrats also secured historic victories nationwide. Governor Phil Murphy became the first Democrat in nearly 45 years to win a second term in New Jersey. Michelle Wu will be the first woman, person of color, and Asian American to be elected mayor of Boston. ... The list goes on... " (emphasis added)

     The above means Pres. Joe Biden counts Michelle Wu as "reason to hope." We can count that as another building block in our self-empowerment program.

     For AsAm youths, who want to be involved in America's political process, read Boston Globe's article of yesterday: "Before Michelle Wu’s historic victory, she spent years community-building". Take that to heart! Don't copy from someone who ran for high offices, without the necessary political groundwork & experience.

An Open and Friendly Caution to Michelle Wu

Dear Michelle:

     Politics is consuming. I was there. May I share with you a consuming temptation that I have encountered? Selfish flatterers, usually big donors and/or staffs, will soon ask you to plan for your next political move. Don't! A premature political move may ruin your career. Plant your feet firmly in Boston and serve your constituents well for at least 8 years.

     Don't forget where you come from. Asian Americans don't have equal opportunity yet.

Your presumptuous and self-assumed uncle,
S. B. Woo

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