Monday, May 3, 2021

Make 80-20 Your World-Class Shield

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     YOU've known 80-20 for a long time.   No one can fool you about what 80-20 has done or not done.  I shall unabashedly re-count for you 80-20's achievements in the last 12 months. If you think they are accurate, please help make 80-20 your world-class shield.
Magnificent Achievements

      (1) When Trump used "Chinese virus" repeatedly, he denigrated persons of Chinese orgin. In addition, it led to hate crimes against Chinese-AsAms. Hence, 80-20 hit back fiercely. 80-20 emailed Trump directly & vowed to defeat him, if he didn't apologizeNot a single other AsAm nat'l org. mounted a protest. Few deemed Trump beatable back in March, 2020. So 80-20 battled ALONE, confident that right is might. Who won? YOU won! 

       (2) An overwhelming majority of the AsAm elected officials and orgs. in CA supported Prop 16, which pushed "race conscious college admissions". Again, 80-20 battled alone, confident that right is might. It led from afar to oppose Prop 16Prop. 16 was defeated by a landslide.  Who won? YOU won!

       (3) Harvard practices "race conscious college admissions" at the expense of AsAm youngsters. 80-20 lacked resources to fight Harvard alone. Hence, we sought out a powerful ally - Ed Blum who has a legendary reputation in winning court cases. He sued Harvard for discrimination against AsAm applicants. Result? In 2011, when 80-20 first entered this battle, Harvard admitted 17.8% AsAm students. This year, Harvard admitted 28.2% AsAm students - a 58% increase in 10 years. Who won? YOU won!

       (4) The Atlanta tragedy generated a lot of press release from all AsAm nat'l orgs. 80-20 did not issue one! 80-20 strongly believe AsAm nat'l orgs. must do more non-AsAm orgs.. We must to "DO rather than talk." So 80-20 announced appropriating $200,000 as grants to seed AsAm Community Watch Teams. Who will win? In time, YOU'll win.

YOUR CHOICEYou Decide 80-20's Fate? 

     Depending on whether you are willing to sacrifice & donate, 80-20 can [A] slowly fade away, after 80-20's aging war horses have faded away or [B] transform to become a world class and lasting shield for you.

       To help you make an informed choice, please review why the Jewish-Am community is politically so powerful in America.

      There are only 7 million Jewish Americans, about 1/3 the size of AsAms.  However, even the smallest of its “big 5“ community orgs, Simon Wiesenthal Center, has an annual budget of $26.2M.  The other four, ordered by the size of their annual budget, are American Jewish Committee ($46.2M), Jewish Federations of North America ($49.2M), American Israel Public Affairs Comm. ($69.3M), and Anti-Defamation League ($70.8M). 

      In contrast, 80-20 has an annual budget of $0.25 million. 

      Hard work can make up the difference of a factor of 2 in funding. There is no way to make up a difference in funding of 100

Donate Till It Hurts TODAY

        On our watch, AsAm kids face the tallest barrier in college admissions. AsAm adults face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces. We may be proud to have worked twice as hard to get to where we are today, we should be ashamed to leave that as a legacy to our children.
       80-20 wants to raise another $5 million by year's endWhy? When that money is added to the existing $5 million, a modest return of 5% per year will allow 80-20 to hire 2 more professionals as staff. They will be trained by Alice Huang and S. B. Woo fo a couple of years. 80-20 will formally be transformed from a volunteer org. into the seeds of a professional org. like all the powerful orgs. in the USA.
       To raise $5 million in 7 months is hard. YOU need to not only donate but also help seek out wealthy AsAms to donate in five to six figures
       What if we fail to reach the goal? I also continue to work as hard as possible for you. However, 80-20's entire Board had unanimously concluded that 80-20 will slowly die. This particular shield for you will slowly vanish.

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)