Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Our Children's Equal Op. - the Supreme Court Case

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Distinguish Systemic from Random Discrimination
Random discrimination against AsAms occurs numerous times in numerous places every day. There is not much that 80-20 or our government can do to alleviate that situation. It is in the province of human hearts.

In contrast, systematic discrimination against AsAms can be drastically decreased by the combined efforts of orgs like 80-20, worthy individuals like you, and our government. Examples of systemic discrimination against AsAms are:

The glass ceiling in workplaces against our adults, and 
the higher college admissions barriers against our children.

Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Anti-Asian Hate Crimes induced by Covid 19 are actually a form of random discrimination. The perpetuators of such crimes are mostly uneducated people in low economic strata, acting out their fear of Covid-19 induced by Donald Trump's "Chinese virus" and "Kung flu". 

The involvement of Trump, a former U.S. President, however, has introduced a systemic discrimination element to those crimes. Therefore, the Biden Admini-stration's effort to enact an "anti-Asian Hate Crimes" law is most welcome. It counter-balances Trump's discrimination.

In addition, such a law will help greatly eliminate the much feared potential systemic discrimination against Chinese/Asian Ams, if, heavens forbid, the US and China have a war. My conjecture is that the current Covid-19 induced hate crimes against us will be nothing when compared with the anticipated hate crimes fueled by a war fever. That will be when the "Anti-Asian Hate Crimes" law will really be needed. 

Read also our earlier e-newsletter Significance of Senate Bill on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes to understand the real significance of that law.

Supreme Court Battle for Our Children's Equal Op. on Education

This is the real McCloy. If the Supreme Court accepts the case, 80-20 will donate $20,000 and/or file a amicus brief to support Students For Fair Admissions, SFFA.

Ed Blum spent years of his life leading SFFA, raised tens of millions of dollars to fight this battle in courts for YOUR children. 

The lawsuit against Harvard started in 2014. Our legal strategy behind it is very complex and smart. To illustrate, our lawsuit has apparently suffered defeats at the District Court and Circuit Court. Yet, Harvard's admission rate of AsAms has increased by 53% since 2013. Our decision to sue guaranteed our victory!

Stranger yet! SFFA would have appealed to the Supreme Court, even supposing we had won in the 2 lower courts. Why? Only a Supreme Court decision has the permanency and nationwide applicability that SFFA is seeking.

Harvard has just filed its opposition to SFFA's petition for a Supreme Court decision. After SFFA files our reply, the Supreme Court will decide whether to hear our case. Blum emailed me stating, "I hope to bring you good news soon.

We shall not rest, until we've won EQUAL OPPORTUNITY for education for our children! Do you share please!

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

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