Monday, April 26, 2021

Real Significance of Senate Bill on Anti-Asian .....

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NY TimesWashPostLA TimesVOA. & USA Today All Blared:

    The Senate Anti-Asian Hate-Crimes Bill passed the Senate with an overwhelming bipartisan 94-1 voteThe Bill is certain to pass the House, after amendments, if any, to become a US Law.
      Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer said, " ...hate and discrimination against any group has no place in America. By passing this bill, we say to the Asian-American community that their government is paying attention to them, has heard their concerns and will respond to protect them."
What Is the Substance in that Senate Bill?

      To establish a position at the Justice Department to expedite the agency’s review of hate crimes and expand the channels to report them.

Is That it?

    YES, Just about. There are words to the 50-states, which the federal gov. does NOT govern: "encourage the creation of state-run hate crime hotlines, provide grant money to law enforcement agencies that train their officers to identify hate crimes and introduce a series of public education campaigns around bias against people of Asian descent. " 

    Don't belittle this Senate bill, however.

The Hidden SIGNIFICANCE of This Senate Bill!!!

      If, Heavens forbid, the US and China would get into a hot warwill Chinese Americans still be interned? My answer is NO, not after all that has been said and will be said in the Senate, House, the White House and the major national media orgs. on the passage of this law, and with such a law in our books, that then could be the hidden but real SIGNIFICANCE of this bill!!!

       There could be additional significant mileage to be gained. There has never been as much attention focused on AsAms as during the last couple of months. We should work hard to use this momentum to discard our 'perpetual foreigner" image. Get involved! Get involved with the mainstream community and our political establishment. The following should help.

Do YOUR Share

      80-20 strongly suggests that YOU urge your governor and Congress-person to support this Senate Bill. We suggest the following short message, aimed to convey a sense of "let's win together." If you want use your own words, it'll be so much better.

"Dear Governor/Congress-person:

      I urge you to support the Senate "Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Bill" regarding its specific requests to the 50-states. If you are not familiar with that bill, please ask your staff to look into it. The political leaders of Asian nations today are not stupid. They'll never be enthused about American world leadership and/or doing business with our great State so long as they know that Asians who are US citizens still face severe hate crimes." Give your name, city and state.

      To email and/or phone your governor, please 1) click here and 2) place your state’s name at the window. 
      To email and/or phone your congressperson, please 1) click here and 2) put in your zip code. 

     After you've done your share, reply to this e-newsletter and add "DID IT"on the subject line. We need to keep each other informed. Thanking you in anticipation,

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S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)

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