Monday, December 28, 2020

UPDATE: Upping our pressure on Blackburn


[A] Polite Attempts To Reason

     On Dec. 3, Senator Blackburn outrageously tweeted: "China has a 5,000 year of history of Cheating and stealing. Some things will never change…

        On Dec. 8, 80-20 President S. B. Woo emailed & faxed Sen. Blackburn, politely asking her to withdraw her statement and apologize to our community.   80-20 staff Stephen Lin called Blackburn’s D.C. office immediately afterward to verify that she has received both.  80-20 told her office that we expect an answer & that we want to settle this matter as fellow Americans who care for each other.

[B] Ignored, TNCAA & 80-20 Up the Pressure A Bit

       On Dec. 12, Tennessee Chinese American Alliance, TNCAA, organized a peaceful protest in Nashville. 

       On Dec. 14, 80-20 went public against Sen. Blackburn with an e-newsletter entitled ”'China .. 5000 yr history of cheating ..’, Sen. Blackburn”. It was opened by 46,000 of 80-20's supporters and caused 550 to 1,000 phone calls, faxes and emails to pour into her office.  It tied up her D.C. office phone for days, causing that office to temporarily shut their office phone off and on
for 3 days.

[C] The Great State of TN Helped 80-20 to Up the Pressure More

     On Dec.21, TENNESSEAN, a great paper in Nashville, published a guest column entitled Marsha Blackburn's 'cheating and stealing' attack on China is historically inaccurate | Opinion. It was a great satire which laughed at her utter ignorance. The face of Marsha Blackburn should have turned red, although I'll bet that she didn't.

     On the same day, 80-20 sent an e-newsletter entitled “GREAT NEWS” announcing the publication of that column. Again about 46,000 opened it. The editors of TENNESSEAN may be delighted to know that more than 9,900 persons clicked on that article.

[D] A Serious Step - Working with TN Voters

     Coming soon, there will be a full-page ad in TN’s 4 largest newspapers demanding Sen. Blackburn's apology. The effort is led by TNCAA, and supported by 80-20 Educational Foundation and UCA, United Chinese Americans. It'll be signed by a huge number of TN voters. It'll make the history of Chinese Americans in TN and nationwide.

     If YOU have relatives & close friends in TN and YOU hope that they'll be co-signers, then send them this link: Ask them to honor their ancestry & heritage. Your friends will have written proof that they fight heroically to protect their children.

[E] NY Times May Publish Blackburn's Hitler-like Hateful Statement

     Does Blackburn's hateful statement remind you of how Hitler described the Jews in his Mein Kampf? 6 million Jews lost their lives later because good decent people didn't take Hitler's statement seriously at first. We hope that Blackburn will soon realize her folly, withdraw her statement and sincerely apologize to us. Many are urging us to get NY Times and Washington Post to publish her hateful statement. We can no longer give Blackburn the benefit of doubts, We need to call a spade a spade.

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