Monday, December 7, 2020

Dream Into Reality: 1st Step

 A Giant First Step

(1) What's the DREAM?
(2) What for?

    We are the weakest of the minorities. We are in the toughest political spot. Without the US-China conflict, AsAm adults suffer the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces, while our kids face the tallest barriers in college admissions. With the US-China conflict, does anyone believe that we and our kids will ever achieve equal opportunity without an fantastic effort? If your answer is YES, my unrestrained reaction is "NUTS!". We must create our OWN world-class political organization (WCPO) to become equal citizens!

(3) What can our WCPO do that we can't do now?

     A WCPO, with tens of politically trained staff members and tens of millions of dollars in a war chest can systematically react to every major media statement, administrative measure, legislative piece, and judicial decision that denigrates us as 2nd-class citizens. A WCPO can slowly turn things around, just like how the Jewish Americans did it. To know more about Jewish Am orgs. click here and see the 9th paragraph. 

       In contrast to the Jewish Am. orgs., 80-20’s annual budget is NOT even 1/100th of the smallest of the 5 Jewish American orgs.   Charity starts at home.

(5) OK. What is so "Giant" about our 1st Step?

          In the 2 weeks since our campaign to create our OWN WCPO began, we've raised about $500,000. At this rate, by the end 2021, we will have raised more than $14 million +. :-). :-). :-). Kidding! We can't keep up with such a pace, but it would be extremely nice, if YOU will help us keep this pace for just ONE MORE WEEK!

(6) Our HEROES & HEROINES who took the 1st Giant stride.

    More than 190 persons have already donated. Click here to see it for yourself. Those who donated to SELFII are shown with a white background.

     We thank all donors, including
    Dave Tang, Irving, CA jumped from $1K/yr to SELF I to $2,500/yr for 5
               years for SELF II.
       Peter ChenDemarest, NJ: $10,000,
      Hu Family, Saratoga, CA: $10,000,
     Frank Ma, Fort Smith, Arkansas increased his donation 12-fold from
             $100/yr for 5 yrs to  $1,200 per yr for 5 yrs,
      Peter & Grace WangPebble Beach CA: $10,000,
     Jackson Chia, San Gabriel, CA doubled from $200/yr for 5 yrs to $400/yr 
      Chansheng He,Kalamazoo, MI doubled from$100/yr to $200/yr for 5 yrs

(7) Where to send YOUR donation?

    If the amount is $1,000 or larger, please save us PayPal fees by sending a check made out to “80-20  EF SELFII”, and post it to 

                 S. B. Woo
                 939 Beach Dr. NE, Apt. 910
                 St. Petersburg,  FL,  33701

    To donate with a credit card or PayPal acc., click hereDONATE TODAY!
To post click here.
 Please HELP give us ONE MORE WEEK
of extremely generous DONATIONS.

Gratefully yours,

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 22 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (1985-89)