Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Harvard's new president and his challenges

See what you have achieved?

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                      President Lawrence Bacow take Office in July

     Lawrence Bacow is the son of an immigrant, a lawyer and an economist . . . . We wish him all success including terminating the discrimination against Asian American applicants.  Please click here to read a NYT article about this appointment.

                             Our Fight to Win Equal Opportunity 
                               for AsAm Children Is Progressing

    The article is only 12 short paragraphs.  However, 1.5 paragraphs were devoted to an issue that the Asian American community had focused on:

       "   The university is facing a number of immediate 
        challenges. . . . . ."

        "   Harvard is also facing an investigation by the Justice 
        Department into its affirmative action policies and whether 
        they discriminate against Asian-American applicants, as 
        well as a lawsuit making the same claims in federal court 
        in Boston."

    All who have 

donated to 80-20 EF's SELF project, and/or signed its
and/or joined 80-20 PAC as members, and/or 
forwarded 80-20's emails to friends and relatives

can be VERY PROUD of your contribution to create the awareness to get the NYT to cover this possible fault of Harvard at the announcement of its new president.  It's an impressive achievement!

     We also like to acknowledge the the great contribution of Students for Fair Admission (SFFA) led by Mr. Ed Blum, and Asian Am. Coalition of Educational (AACE) which brought the charge against Harvard via DOJ and DOE.

     You may recall that that AsAm community is mounting a 3-pronged attack against Harvard's discrimination against AsAm applicants.  Mr. Blum heads the legal fight through the Judicial Branch of our government.  AACE filed complaints with the Administrative Branch.  80-20 fights the battle against Harvard through the Court of Public Opinion.  

      We are winning in the Court of Public Opinion.  The battles in the other two fronts are also going well.

     Be Proud!  You've all contributed to this critical battle to eliminate inequity in education.  

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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