Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How to Defeat a racist elected Official

Political Education to Empower YOU!

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                                How To Protect Ourselves?

      When an elected official has wronged the AsAm community greatly, do we have a recourse?  YES.

      80-20 Educational Foundation (EF), as a 501 c-3, may NOT help to elect or defeat a political candidate.  However, as a political education org., EF may show AsAms how to accomplish such a feat as a way of protecting ourselves from abuse by callous/racist  officials.

                 Past Experience In Un-electing Bad Officials

    Remember the Stop SCA 5 movement?  I was PAC's president then. Two AsAm officials in CA, State Senator Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong, turned their backs to our appeals for help.   Two days after SCA 5 was defeated, 80-20 PAC publicly announced to drive both out of politics.  A year later they were out of politics.

                        How to Defeat an Elected Official

    It is a 3-step process.
    First, study this politician, X.   Understand X's and our own strengths and weaknesses very thoroughly. 
    Secondly, find a strong primary opponent for X, by (a) exposing and publicizing X's weakness, (b) tooting the merits of the potential opponents of X and (c) providing early seed money for the campaign of X's strongest opponent.
    Thirdly, find, in addition, a strong opponent for X in the general election, using the same methodology described above.

     When election time arrives, X will face a tough civil war. Even supposing that X wins the primary, the exhausted X will then face a tough general election. Even supposing that X was so lucky as to still win the general election, X will likely have learned never to wrong our community again.

     Realistically, however, if we go through the 3 steps effectively, X will be defeated. The word will gradually spread in the political establishment not to fool around with us, IF we can demonstrate, a number of times, our political will and ability to defeat politicians who have really wronged us.

     Don't hide our intention to defeat X, we want X to know. America is the land of the free and home of the brave. If we don't have the courage to defend ourselves, then we will forever be stepped on.

                Sharing More Past Experience   

    When I was PAC's president, PAC practically emailed its plan to defeat a callous CA Congressman as a "shot across his bow."  He got our message, and adjusted.  :-)  As a result, PAC helped create a win-win, a win for the AsAm community and a win for America whose political system permits the checking and balancing of a bad official through citizens' action.
             Politics Needs to be Learned like Everything Else

     That is why you need an org. like the 80-20 Initiative.  It has two components. 80-20 EF does political education.  80-20 PAC EXECUTES to reward and punish. Result?  Enough clout to protect ALL our rights!  


S. B. Woo 

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