Monday, January 8, 2018

Admirable NEW Traits of Our Community

Together, we empower our community

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TOGETHER, we Help Build
Essential & Admirable Traits for the AsAm Community

     HAPPY  NEW YEAR, everyone.   I would like to report to you that 2essential and admirable qualities of our community are emerging.  80-20 likes to think that WE developed these positive qualities TOGETHER. 

      (1) Most AsAms, except for our super rich, 
                  Began to Practice "Charity Begins At Home"

     The $3 million that 80-20 EF has received from YOU is one example. Don't think that EF was just lucky, and it can't continue.  Listen to this. Some current donors have requested information to continue their donation,AFTER the completion of their 5 year pledge.  Tens of others simply continued to donate even after completing their 5-yr pledges.  Some are so exemplary that you may enjoy knowing:

(A) Mitchell and Priscilla Lou, Houston, TX

      They've donated $4000/yr for 3 yrs already.  In addition, they pledged another total of $20,000 over the next 10 years! See 2 excerpts from EF's Acknowledgement Page

Mitchell & Priscilla Lou Donor advised 
fund, Mitchell, Houston, TX        $ 4000/y plus $2500   Confirmed3   14,500

Lou Mitchell, Houston, TX, committed
to donate between 2018 & 2027                $20000        Confirmed          0

(B) Anthony Ching, Seattle, WA      

    Having completed the first 5 yr pledge, Anthony started a second cycle of 5-yr pledge increasing the annual donation from $100/yr to $250/yr.  Wow, such a desire to empower our community!  

     A cynic may ask, "What's the big deal?  It benefits 80-20, and that's why you think it is a big deal."

     Think again!  None on us on the board gets paid, we DONATE money & time.  The BIG DEAL is that the bigger our war chest, the faster we'll ALL win equal opportunity!!!
                                 (2) Building A New Norm

   The Old Norm: Fortune 500 companies and non-AsAm foundations granted money to AsAm civil rights orgs.  Money talks.  Unfortunately, sometimes it talks the wrong way.  An example is that almost all of the so called "AsAm civil rights orgs", whose survival depend on such grants, support "race-preference" college admissions, in strong opposition to the overwhelming consensus of the AsAm community.

   Questions:  Why should a relatively well-to-do AsAm community need money from outside to finance its struggle for civil rights?  Did the Jewish Ams win their rights that way?  In fact, it should be the other way around. The AsAm community, being financially relatively well off, should financially support good causes in the mainstream community.

    The New Norm:  In an extremely modest way, 80-20 EF is initiating a new norm.  We've  begun to financially support non-AsAm orgs. which fight for the same good causes.   An example is EF's donation from 2016-18 of $25K to "Students For Fair Admissions," SFFA, headed by Mr. Ed BlumSFFA spends millions in legal battles against the "race-preference" admissions of elite universities.  

    EF also began a new tradition to help other AsAm orgs fight the same good fight. For the first time, EF has set a budget of $10K per year to donate to similar-minded and action-oriented AsAm orgs. Send your application for donations to

    Step-by-step, 80-20 toils to EMPOWER the AsAm community.


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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