Sunday, July 31, 2016

You promised to help in this fight.

You Promised To Help
   You promised.  Our Students Are Counting On You.
    You are one of the "Great 1000". You sent a personal email to me to encourage 80-20 to file a petition to the entire AsAm community to FIGHT the existing DISCRIMINATION against our students.
   If & when the petition is signed by 100,000 and results in a war chest of $2 million, 80-20 will lead a very difficult fight - to make sure that AsAm students will no longer be DISCRIMINATED against, when compared with white students, in their access to elite colleges.  
    I'll count on you to help in 3 ways, when the petition starts tomorrow:
1) To sign the petition immediately.  Induce your spouse to sign also.

2) To place this petition link 100,000@$10+ Petition on your Facebook,  Twitter, WeChat ..., etc. and urge people to be a petitioner.
3) To email 100,000@$10+ Petition to everyone on your computer's address  book, whether they are AsAms or not.  
   Well begun is half done. A full head of steam on the first day, hopefully getting 5000 signers, is CRITICAL. We must front load this very difficult fight.
Counting on you.  Our students look to us for protection.
Gratefully and fighting with you,
S.B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years

80-20 Initiative, Inc.

To know more about 80-20, view these videos : (Ignore the last 35 secs. The CA primary is over.
A convention will decide whether to endorse Trump or Clinton.) (Ignore the appeal for funds. SELF has succeeded.)
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