Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Are You Ready to Win?

It’ll Be a Very Tough Fight

   Winning doesn't come naturally.  It comes from knowing 
  o what we are fighting for, 
  o fighting skills and extreme determination, and
  o willingness to sacrifice to achieve victory.

   Our last e-newsletter informed you the 2 components of our strategy, and what each component aims to achieve.   

   Today, we report to you our draft petition will be signed by at least 100,000 AsAms, & aim to raise $2 million for the court battles.  The petition will be the 2nd litmus test of our will to fight.  80-20 will only fight, if you have the will. 

   Substantive comments on the draft are welcome.  Thanks.  SB

DRAFT PETITION: A Must Win Fight for Our Children

   Our children's fate is in our hands.  No one else will fight for our children, but ourselves.  This petition aims to change that part of the admissions policy of elite schools which singles out Asian American students for discrimination in order to provide advantages to white students (Footnote 1).  When we succeed, we will have proudly helped make America "a more perfect Union."  

   We, the undersigned, appreciate the importance of diversity to education. Hence, we proudly or at least reluctantly consent that Asian American students yield an advantage of 450 SAT points to African American students, and yield a 270 SAT point advantage to Hispanic students, in order to have equal access to elite colleges.    

   However, we strongly PROTEST that Asian American applicants have to score 140 SAT points higher than white applicants in order to gain equal access.  This is blatant discrimination against a non-Caucasian minority, and is diametrically opposed to the original intent of affirmative action. 

   In the words of three Supreme Court Judges, including The Chief Justice, penned by Justice Alito regarding the current college admissions policy, it is clear and simple "discrimination" which has been given "willful blindness" by the Justices.
      ".... the court's willingness to allow this discrimination against individuals of Asian descent is particularly troubling, in light of the long history of discrimination against Asian Americans, especially in education ... In particular, the Fifth Circuit's willful blindness to Asian-American students is absolutely shameless."

   Our community of course knew of the cruel discrimination a long time ago from our own historic experience.  So let's make sure that we do our part to fight back.  Our fighting back has two parts.

 (1) To financially punish the elite schools which blatantly discriminate against us:
   WE, the undersigned, urge all Asian Americans, especially our super rich, to stop donating to such colleges and start donating to Asian American organizations which fight such discrimination. Whether we are graduates of these elite universities or not, we pledge to stop entirely or at least reduce by 50% our donations to them.  

(2) To donate $10 or more towards funding a $2 million war chest for a lawsuit or other equally effective measures to fight against these colleges (e.g., full page ad in the New York Times.)  

   $2 million is the minimum required for such a lawsuit, that may end up at the Supreme Court.

   Click on 100,000@$10+Campaign (NOT clickable yet) to sign on.  Thank you.  

The Undersigned and 
the Board of 80-20 Educational Foundation

Footnote 1:
   White students gain about 5/7 of the seats that AsAm students lose under the current admissions policy.  Please review 80-20's last e-newsletter.

Special thanks to Zhang Financial, Portage, MI
   At the end of last year, 80-20EF invested $1.4 million of the money which many of you donated to SELF, with Zhang FinanciaI.   Charles and Lynn Zhang who both volunteered for 80-20 for many years, own the company.  They offered to serve EF on a pro-bono basis.  For the first six months of the year the net return was 5.35%.  WE thank them and their staff.

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