Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Q&A on The Tough Fight Ahead

Q&A on The Tough Fight Ahead
                  Why will the fight be so difficult?
     The AsAm community is full of hard-working & successful individuals.  However, we lack individuals good at fighting to defend the rights and honor of our community.
Q:  If we get our $2 million together, will prestigious law firms be lining up to take our case?

A: Not at all!   We are likely to have great difficulty finding a prestigious law firm to represent us.  For example, a well-known lawyer with a winning record at the Supreme Court told us, "Given the current makeup of the Supreme Court, there is no way you could win.  I'll be glad to take your $2 million, but, as a friend, I'd rather tell you the truth."
      Another reason is that most elite universities hire prestigious law firms.  So almost all prestigious law firms are connected with at least one elite university. There is an incestuous relationship between the two establishments.
Q:  If we get a good law firm to fight for us, will it be fought on legal points only?
A: NO.  We'll also have to fight against all the myths at the same time. Some of the myths are even believed by AsAms ourselves.  Here are some examples.
     Myth 1: Asian Americans will become the majority in elite universities, under a  fair college admissions policy. 
       Not true. The % of AsAm students will increase from the current 20% to about 35%.  Click here to understand why.    
   Myth 2: 6% AsAms populating elite colleges by 35% is unfair & unprecedented. .
       Not true 1.6% JewishAms populate at least 22% of the elite colleges.  22/1.6 = 13. In    comparison, even if the elite colleges stop discriminating against AsAm students, the ratio will  only be 35/6 = 6.  Merit has always been the determining factor in gaining membership in any    sector in America.  No one complains against 15% of the AfricanAms winning a majority  membership in football teams at the college and professional levels.
   Myth 3:  80-20 is against diversity.
       Not true.  We appreciate the importance of diversity.  However, we strongly protest that  under an affirmative action program, AsAm students need to give SAT points to white students  in order to gain equal access  to elite colleges.  The affirmative action program is supposed to give advantages to the minorities.  In addition, AsAm students, coming from so many different nations & distinct cultures, are at least as diverse as the white students.         
   Myth 4: That more white students enjoy legacy advantages is why AsAm students need 140  SAT points more than white students in order to have equal access.
         Not true.  Prof. Espenshade, who discovered the SAT point differences, certainly didn't say  that.  In addition, none of the elite colleges has proven that point with data, which should be  easy for them to do.  Elite universities preach transparency but hide their own admission data. 
   Myth 5:  Holistic evaluation "concocted" by Harvard got low-scoring but talented students admitted.
         Not true.  Not a single college in the nation has used SAT scores and GPA as the sole criterion for admitting students.  Extra-curricular activities, the strength of the letters of recommendation have always been used as other important criteria.  "Holistic" evaluation simply lets some elite colleges to "admit and deny at will". Read what an admissions insider has to say about Holistic evaluation in a Huffington Post article:
              "Our elite colleges admit and deny at will under the auspices of "holistic admissions." - Sara Harberson.  
   Sara Harberson is the former associate dean of admissions at the University of Pennsylvania and the former dean of admissions and financial aid at Franklin & Marshall College.
   Myth 6:  Students from AsAm sub groups had benefited (e.g. Hmong!)
          Not true.  That myth was advanced by some "AsAm civil rights orgs".  Has anyone ever seen any data from any of the elite colleges stating how many Hmong students they have admitted or graduated? Or for that matter of any other AsAm sub-groups?  Why do these colleges hide their admissions data?

   CONCLUSION:  That is why we'll have to fight.  The 3 dissenting Supreme Court Justices became aware of much more admission data than us during the court proceedings, yet they didn't mince their words.  They called it DISCRIMINATION against AsAm students that has been intentionally ignored by the other Justices!  

     If you feel that your soul has been violated, get ready for a very very difficult fight.  80-20 is willing to lead this fight, if you will show your will to fight.
S. B. Woo 
President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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