Friday, May 13, 2016

To AsAms Everywhere, Particularly Those in CA

To All AsAms: we look to those in CA

Dear Asian Americans:

   Why do you suppose so many noble souls donated huge sums of money and 18 years of their lives working for you?  To get a reply from Hillary Clinton to 80-20's questionnaire, satisfactory but far from perfect?  

   NO, NO WAY!  80-20 plans for much larger gains and much longer term interests than that.

   Those noble souls realize that AsAms, the smallest minority, must have a powerful tool to protect ourselves in the "free-market" political arena of the U.S.A.   This tool must be able to "reward or punish" politicians - reward those who share our rightful concerns and punish those who don't.

   That tool is the Democratic Open Primary of CA on June 7th.  Why?

1) CA has by far the greatest number of delegates (about 25% of the total required to become the Democratic Party’s nominee) and the greatest number of electoral college votes (10% of the total required to be elected the President).

2) AsAms have an 8% share of CA's vote - by far the largest AsAm share in the 50 states.

3) CA has a Democratic primary that is open to Declines/Independents.  And AsAms are twice as likely to register as Independents/Declines, thereby greatly enhancing our voting share in that primary.

4) Only 1/3 to 1/2 of the voters in a general election will vote in a primary.  So IF all AsAm Dems and Independents come out to vote, we'll double or triple our voting share.

5) Of the remainder of the voters, half will vote for Clinton and half for Sanders.  Hence if AsAms, under 80-20's leadership, cast a bloc vote for Clinton ONLY, our voting power will double again.   Imagine that!   

   That is why AsAms, though small in number, can be KINGMAKERS in the coming June 7th election.

   NOTE:  A party’s primary system can be CHANGED for the next election. Now that our strategy has been openly discussed, some anti-AsAm politicians may want to change the rules for the 2020 election.   SO HURRY.   Seize the moment.

   Let's seize the 2016 primary to ESTABLISH a precedent.   Whatever new system anti-AsAm politicians decide to erect in the future, if we have the same kind of UNITY and political know-how, we'll find a powerful tool to "reward and punish" in order to safeguard our rightful concerns.  We shall overcome. 

   AsAms in CA:  We yearn for your help to give all of us this tool.

                                               Good News

   CBS will be airing a story about Sherry Chen and Prof. Xiaoxing Xi on 60 minutes on SundayMay 15, 2016, 7 PM ET/PT.  80-20, together with a number of other organizations e.g., New Asian Leaders and individuals, particularly Pete Zeidenberg Esq., the lawyer who successfully defended Sherry Chen and Prof. Xiaoxing Xi, have encouraged the development of this program. 

   Forward this e-newsletter to ALL your AsAm friends.  Many of you have already promised to do this.  :-)

 S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 

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