Monday, May 23, 2016

Decide. Do You Want a Powerful AsAm Political Voice?

Time to Make up Your Mind
   June 7, the date of the critical CA Democratic Primary, is coming soon.  If you want a powerful AsAm political voice, and if that is your priority, then forget

  1. Whether you like Hillary or Bernie better, and 
  2. Whether we are a D or R or NPP (no party preference, earlier known as Independents).

   Please get behind 80-20 and urge all AsAms you know to vote for Hillary on 6/7. Help produce a resounding victory for Hillary that will be verified by the exit polls.

What is A Powerful Political Weapon?

   A powerful political weapon is one with the ability to affect the outcome of an important election.  An example is the CA Democratic primary, where 475 delegates are involved.  It is 20% of what is needed to win the Dem. nomination.

   80-20 has induced Hillary to give us satisfactory promises in writing. Sanders said no.  

80-20 Empties Its War Chest

   To ensure the successful creation of that tool on 6/7 for our children, 80-20 has bought ads in the Chinese-, Indian-, Korean-, and Vietnamese-American communities to urge voters to support for Hillary. They include radio & newspaper ads, including some on the front page of the largest ethnic papers.  

   The main theme of all the ads, shown below in English, is the same. 

How Do We Establish Our Political Clout?
  Hillary made promises** to us in writing.  Let's give her our bloc vote to reward her.

  Sanders was not willing to give us promises.  So let's defeat him to punish him.

When we use our voting power to reward and punish appropriately, 
political parties will compete to serve our rightful interest 
in order to win our bloc vote.

   To see a similar ad in Chinese, click here.  Similar ads in Vietnamese and Korean are being produced.

   A large turn-out of AsAm Independents/NPP on June 7th is a must.  All you need to do is verbally ask for a Democratic ballot for president on 6/7 at your own polling station.  If you vote absentee, please make a special request to your county election office to ask for a democratic party ballot by the deadline of May 31.

Forward this to your friends in CA.  Many of you have promised to do this. :-)

S. B. Woo

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc. 

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80-20 Mission Statement

PS:  We salute these role models:  
Two great supporters, Feiyun Zhang and Jonathan Fong of CA, wrote 80-20 and said that they've switched their respective registration from Republican to Independent in order to vote in the Dem. primary.  One of them declared that "in the general election, I'll not vote for a Dem."  Fine. Voting for Hillary on 6/7 is all we ask you to do.