Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Important Update On Hillary's Reply

Our Golden Opportunity – Presidential Elections

A Very Important Update On Hillary's Reply

   Last Saturday, 80-20 PAC's Board met to discuss the first reply from Hillary Clinton's campaign.  We've since been in touch with the campaign, and having a friendly and productive conversation.  PAC's Board will meet again tonight to discuss an edited version of her reply.

Interesting Facts Regarding Clinton vs Sanders

   (1) Sec. Clinton and Sen. Sanders have both answered previously to questionnaires from the same 5 organizations.  They are from HIV/AIDS*, AFT(C vs S), a conglomerate of organizations focused on disabled persons. (C vs. S), Democrats  Abroad, and Hispanic Leaders .
   Sec. Clinton has answered one more, which is 80-20's questionnaire.  Why has Sen. Sanders chosen not to answer 80-20, while answering 5 others?  Upon receiving Sec. Clinton's reply, we immediately informed the Sanders' campaign of that fact.  Thus far, we've NOT heard back.

   (2) Sen.Sanders has answered "yes & no" type of questionnaires. Click here to see his answer to HIV's questionnaire.  Sec. Clinton is not answering "yes or no” questionnaires this year.  Click here to see her answers to HIV. It would have taken no time at all for Sanders to check 7 yeses, sign his name and mail it back to us.  Why has Sanders treated us so differently?

Shall Update You & Spread the Word About June 7th Primary

   I'll update you regarding the result of tonight's Board meeting.  Remember the June 7th Democratic OPEN primary, when Declines/Independents can vote.  When we can prove that our community is the CRITICAL minority to change the outcome of an important election like the CA primary, our children's future becomes a lot brighter.    

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

Go down the page a bit to see 6 pictures.  Verify for yourself that Republican
   candidates, despite their avowed statement to change, still do not answer
   questionnaires.  :-(

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