Wednesday, March 9, 2016

News Relating to Peter Liang & Sherry Chen

National Insider Threat May Impact YOU

Peter Liang Demonstration on March 11 Cancelled

   An organization which had planned the demonstration announced that it would be postponed indefinitely.  It explained that it was acting in accordance with the advice of Officer Liang's new lawyer Paul Shechtman. Shetchman advised that at this stage the outcome of Liang's trial is best left to the court instead of the streets. Shetchman wants to build a relationship with District Attorney Ken Thompson who has the power to recommend a more lenient sentence for Liang.

Preparing suggestions to DHS on the National Insider Threat Program

   Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) is inviting comments since it is proposing rule changes to the "National Insider Threat Program."  One reason that Sherry Chen may still lose her job is related to the "Insider Threat Program."  PAC Board Member Fred M. Wong is in charge of submitting a comment to DHS on behalf of 80-20 PAC.  His first draft is shown below.  Your comments are welcome.

   "Many federal agencies enjoy a degree of immunity, but it is only fair and just for the government to take care of the wrongfully investigated victims. Since now DHS is about to institutionalize some of the practices, it is a good time to urge DHS to install an "innocent victim rehabilitation" process.

   80-20 Initiative suggests the addition of the following minimum in this "innocent victim rehabilitation":
 1) A formal letter of apology to the innocent victim.
 2) A letter of explanation to his/her employer to clear his/her name and reputation. 
 3) Reinstated the victim in a job position equivalent to the one before the investigation.
 4) Financial compensation based on the tangible loss in income and benefits (salary, bonus, etc)  
 5) Financial compensation for mental suffering, anguish, etc."

Other comments, suggested by Jeremy Wu of D.C., include:
·         An individual should be allowed full access to his or her security file as part of due process upon investigation or when accused of wrongdoing.
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