Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AsAms in California, we look to you.

A Presidential Election – AsAms’ Golden Opportunity to Win Equal Opportunity

We Can Make Our Own Destiny
AsAms in CA can likely dictate who shall be the Democratic nominee of 2016, IF all who have registered Democrats or Declines will vote in the CA Democratic primary on June 7th, according to 80-20 PAC's recommendation.  Click here to find out why.  You need to read the first 288 words only.

Q1: Is it easy for a Decline to vote in the Dem. primary?
A:   No extra requirements at all.  Just bring your government issued photo ID.

Q2: Do I still have time to change my party affiliation?   
A:  You have until May 23 to switch your party registration. You can either go online to  OR call 1-800-345-8683 for information in your County (or can go directly to their local county elections office.  The deadline is May 23, but do it today.

Q3: Still have time to vote with an ABSENTEE ballot?  
A:  Click here to print out a 1-page form that is very easy to fill out.  You may do so as a R or D or Decline.  Deadline?   May 31st.  But DO IT TODAY.        
Q4: Do I vote today with an ABSENTEE ballot?  
A:  NO!  Don't vote yet.  WAIT, until 80-20 PAC has endorsed either Clinton or Sanders in this primary. Why? Because neither candidate has answered 80-20's questionnaire whose aim is to get each candidate's promise to help all AsAms win EQUAL opportunity.

Q5: I never understood what political clout is.  Will you explain?
A:  It's the ability to affect the outcome of an important election.  To illustrate, Asian Ams in CA have the ability to dictate whether Clinton or Sanders will be the Nominee of the Democratic Party through the June 7 Dem. primary.  Thereafter, we'll have the political clout to win EQUAL opportunity for ourselves and our children, I assure you.  So spend your ONE HOUR to vote on June 7th, as 80-20 will direct. Generations of AsAms will be grateful to you.
Forward this e-newsletter to AsAms in CA to get them ready for June 7the date of the CA Democratic presidential primary.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the last 17 years
Acting President, 80-20 PAC, Inc. 

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