Monday, March 21, 2016

CA Presidential Primary & AsAm Clout

 Making History with 80-20 Again

AsAms can dictate the outcome of CA
Democratic presidential primary on June 7th
   Here is how.  Just put the following facts together.  You shall agree that 80-20's calculation is right, provided that all CA AsAms voters will do their duty to fight for their children's future by asserting our political clout.


1. In a presidential general election, AsAms roughly represent about 7.4% of the vote in CA among Democrats, Republicans, or Declines/Independents.  
2. However, the turnout in recent Democratic presidential primaries this year has been low.  It'll be about 1/3 that of the general election.  If AsAm voters all turn out to vote, realizing that a presidential primary in CA is about our only chance to tell politicians that we can affect the outcome of an important election, then the 7.4% triples to 22.2%.
3. The Democratic presidential primary in CA is open, though the Republican one is not.  That is, Declines/Independents may register to vote in a Democratic primary.  
4.   An open Dem. primary is a godsend for AsAms, because AsAms are twice as likely to register as Declines than all other voters, thereby drastically increasing AsAm voting clout.  In CA, the number of AsAm Decline voters is at least as large as that of registered Democrats.  If they all follow 80-20's advice and register to vote as Democrats in the June 7th primary, then the 22.2% becomes 44.4%.
5.  80-20 is confident that these voters will follow its recommendation to vote for either Sanders or Clinton.  The one endorsed by 80-20 will win by a landslide, winning a huge % of convention delegates in a state with the largest number of delegates.  


   With the endorsement of 80-20, after the CA primary, either Bernie will regain his momentum, or Hillary will knock Bernie out.  So winning 80-20's endorsement is a MUST for both campaigns.

   The above is 80-20's bargaining power with both presidential candidates.  But it can only succeed with your help.  If you don't live in CA, you can still help by forwarding this email to your relatives and friends in CA.

   To convince the two candidates to answer our questionnaire, 80-20 needs 200 support emails in short but powerful sentences from you.  Email me to support 80-20's planned new campaign.   

   If we get the 200 or more emails, 80-20 will buy media time in CA prior to June 7 to drive out the AsAm vote.

YOUR Proud Achievement in 2008, Utilizing CA Primary

   In 2008, H. Clinton had already answered 80-20's questionnaire with 6 yeses.  Obama refused to do so.  So 80-20 endorsed Clinton in the CA primary and bought media ads to support her.  Four days before the CA primary, Obama also answered with 6 yeses.   His own field polls had picked up that AsAms preferred Hillary 3 to 1 in the CA primary to be held on 2/5/2008.  We told the Obama campaign that we'd not back out of endorsing Hillary, but would become neutral thereafter.  CNN reported on 2/6/2008 that Hillary won the CA Dem. primary because AsAms backed Hillary 3 to 1, and Hispanics backed her 2 to 1, while a majority of whites favored Obama.  

   History was made.  All those AsAm cabinet and sub-cabinet members, federal judges, SESs (Senior Executive Service) federal government employees were appointed.  YOU DID IT.

Want to make History Again?
   Send me your email. :-)

S. B. Woo 

Acting President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 PAC, Inc.

PS:  We are working on Republican presidential candidates as well.  Can you help?

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