Sunday, September 6, 2015

Will You be a Knight?

      SELF is at $843,000/yr for 5 years,  while actual money received is about $1.66 million. To reach the next milestone of $850,000, we only need 7 knights to each donate $1000/yr, or 14 knights to each donate $500/yr or 70 knights to each donate $100/yr for 5 yrs.

       Please help 80-20 reach this next milestone in TWO days.  

       Friends, many of you haven't broken a sweat for our cause yet.  Do it today.  The happiness that comes from giving  is sooooooooo different  from that which comes from receiving!

        Click here to donate today.  The clock is ticking!

       When we have secured a $5 million war chest, we will be less likely to be stepped on!

S.B. Woo,  a volunteer for the last 16 years,
President, 80-20 National Asian American Initiative   

80-20's Top 10 Accomplishment, published 3 years ago.