Thursday, September 17, 2015

Site Up. Please Go Sign It.

Please sign the following petition to President Obama.  It has been set up with the White House. We must achieve 100,000 signatures within one month or we'll not get a reply.  Be sure to get everyone you know including your family members to support by signing at .

         " Dear President Obama:

                We, the undersigned, respect and approve of your decision  
            to aggressively investigate and prosecute the  stealing of 
            government and corporate secrets.  However, judging from the 
            terrible injustice and harm done to Sherry Chen and Professor 
            Xiaoxing Xi,  your policy has been abused.  Aggressiveness has 
            seemingly  been interpreted as permission to be careless; worse 
            perhaps, as permission to use race and national origin  for 
            profiling - practices which we rejected even at the height of the 
            anti-terrorists investigations soon after 9/11.  

                 We respectfully request that you instruct the Department of 
             Justice that due diligence and due process must be meticulously 
             followed, and that racial and national origin profiling is not 

                  We also feel strongly that there ought to be apologies to and 
             compensations for the victims to make them whole.


              The undersigned"

We Can Deliver an Implicit but Powerful Message to Pres. Obama
     What if we achieved the 100,000 signature requirement faster than anyone has ever done and set a record that can't be broken for years?  

     Wouldn't that send an implicit but extremely powerful message to Pres. Obama about the depth of our resentment against the apparent ABUSE of his sound policy to aggressively investigate and prosecute the stealing of national and corporate secrets?

S.B. Woo,  a volunteer for the last 16 years,
President, 80-20 National Asian American Initiative   

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