Friday, September 25, 2015

Together, we shall overcome

Dear leaders of the Asian American community:

                The petition benefits our community greatly

    If the following 80-20 petition at succeeds, our community will have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  

    It'll stop profiling by race and national origin against Asian-Americans, since it seems certain that this is the only way that Pres. Obama can answer our petition. It'll help us be equal citizens of the USA.  In addition, it'll help establish our political clout by demonstrating the unity of the Asian-/Chinese-American community, because no petition to President Obama has ever succeeded. 

   Two other Chinese-Am petitions "succeeded," although they were not proper petitions since they asked Pres. Obama to do things that were NOT within his power.  Here is the petition:

            "Dear President Obama:

            We, the undersigned, agree with your decision  to aggressively investigate and prosecute the stealing of government and corporate secrets.  However, judging from the terrible injustice and harm done to Sherry Chen and Professor Xiaoxing Xi, your policy has been abused.     
            Aggressiveness has seemingly been interpreted as permission to be careless; worse, perhaps, as permission to use race and national origin for profiling - practices which we rejected even at the height of the anti-terrorists investigations soon after 9/11.  
            We respectfully request that you instruct the Department of Justice that due diligence and due process must be followed, and that racial and national origin profiling is not permitted.
            We also feel strongly that there ought to be apologies to and compensations for the victims to make them whole.


              The undersigned"

                             Sharing leadership and credit

     The credit for the success of the petition will be shared by all participating organizations, to be listed alphabetically.  Our name shall be Eighty-twenty (80-20) Initiative, instead of 80-20 Initiative. With "e" as the first alphabet of our name, it'll show up somewhere in the middle of a list of many organizations. 

   "There is no fear except fear itself" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

     Some claim that the lack of a response from our community is because our folks are afraid to criticize a government policy.  They pointed to the fact the two earlier "successful" petitions were directed at non-federal-government entities, while this time we are criticizing the Department of Justice.  If so, we truly don't understand the USA where the freedom of speech is absolute.   In addition, we are truly cowards for not willing to stand up for our rights.   Look at 80-20's Board Members and me, we have taken a stance on so many different issues.   Has any bad consequence befallen us?  STAND UP and give our children a brighter future.  

Respectfully yours, 

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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