Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Good News On College Admissions Front

                        Good News 1:  Our Message Has Reached the Masses

When a popular cartoon points to the unfair treatment of Asian Am students, our message has reached the masses.  

     MALLARD FILLMORE:  by Bruce Tinsley
   The words referred to in the astrid * are "Espenshade and Radford, Princeton University Press", the source for the facts cited in the cartoon. 

   Good News 2: Lawsuit Against Harvard Started to Stop the Unfair Treatment 
(a) The Hero Behind the Court Action -- Ed Blum

Ed Blum has fought against race-based laws all his life, with notable success. He was the engine behind the "Fisher vs. Univ. of Texas".  He got the Supreme Court to rule that "strict scrutiny" must be used by courts to decide whether a university is justified in using race-preference admissions to achieve diversity.  He is now tightening the screw.  

He has recruited some very high caliber Asian Am. students as plaintiffs, with 80-20's help.   Blum's org., Students for Fair Admission, now takes Harvard to court  to see if Harvard can pass the "strict scrutiny" standard.  NAACP took this kind of incremental steps to eventually win EQUAL rights for the blacks.

    Note that the "Fisher vs. Univ. of Texas" fought for white and Asian students.  In the Harvard lawsuit, Mr. Blum fights for Asian Am. students ONLY, perhaps because Asians are discriminated the most and therefore represent the strongest legal argument. 
Give some credit to 80-20 which argued that we are the most discriminated.  

(b)  The Substance of the Lawsuit
". . . The Harvard lawsuit alleges the university is engaging in a campaign of invidious discrimination by strictly limiting the number of Asian Americans it will admit each year and by engaging in racial balancing year after year. These discriminatory policies in college admissions are expressly forbidden by the Fourteenth Amendment and federal civil rights laws."

"Students for Fair Admission's complaint highlights data and analysis that strongly suggests that white, African-American, and Hispanic applicants are given racial preferences over better qualified Asian-Americans applying for admission to Harvard."

Click on to join Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA).  S. B. Woo has.  He is also in contact with Ed Blum and Tom McCarthy, one of the lead lawyers in this lawsuit.  80-20 works for you and gets results.
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         Commentary On Wealthy Asian and Asian Ams Donating to Harvard

   Rich Asians are beginning to donate to public causes -- a good thing!  Elaine Chao's family donated $40 million to Harvard in 2012.  Gerald Chan of Hong Kong pledged $350 million to Harvard this year.  Donating to Harvard, a great university, is a good thing.  But Harvard is not perfect.  It was well-known that Harvard designed admissions policies to limit the number of Jewish students beginning in 1920's.  It would be nice if the Asian BIG donors to Harvard would publicly request it to re-examine its admissions policies towards Asian students at the time of their giving.  That'll make them not only wealthy and generous but also wise and remaining connected to the still discriminated Asian Americans.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation, Inc.