Friday, June 27, 2014

Exciting Update on 80-20 SELF project

   See latest news on 80-20 Self Empowerment Longterm Fund, SELF.
Money talks. This fund aims to make your political voice heard.
   The Good News:
  1) Total donation received: $438,399 (See the top of the webpage.
Please click here .)
  2) The biggest donation: $120,000. See near the top of the wepage,
      under Honorary Founders;
  3) Many donors sent money in early: Several donors have sent in all
      5 yrs. of their commitments. In the 3rd column a notation like “Confirmed
      5” means 80-20 has received all 5 years of a donor’s commitment;
  4) Many supporters donated ADDITIONAL money beyond their annual
      commitments. See “plus $xxx” in the 2nd column; and
  5) Received matching gifts from 18 large companies matching
      the donations of their employees to 80-20 EF. See words in green.
              Transparency Achieved, Accountability Next!
   We’ve achieved transparency. That is, YOU now know (a) how much
money 80-20 has raised, & (2) who donated them. Accountability is our
next goal. 80-20 will soon hold an election for a “Board of Donors” to monitor
the money. ANY donor who has donated at least $50 to SELF may run for a
Board position and vote. Details will be provided in a separate email.
   The Bad news:
   It is that SELF should have raised $304,000/year for 5 years by now, but
we’ve only raised $255,000/yr for 5 years. $50,000/year behind schedule!
   NOTE: When SELF succeeds, 80-20 will serve you for decades. You
and your family will receive benefits that is many times the value of
your donation. If 80-20 doesn’t achieve its goal, you’ll get your money
back in FULL, although 80-20 will probably go out of existence! Recall
that the money is in an escrow account. Not a penny of $438,399 has been
   Pitch in for such a GREAT common cause! YES, 80-20 may be a fool to
embark upon this BIG projects. Is it also true that foolhardy persons help
realize impossible dreams? Will you be a fool with us? Help establish a
strong & lasting political voice.
   To donate, click here.
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation, Inc.